Human spaceflight

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  • Apollo 1 Fire Research Paper

    buildup to and ultimate rush of making the Apollo program successful created the conditions for NASA’s first fatal accident of spaceflight, the Apollo 1 fire. The…

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  • Arguments Against Manned Space Flights

    Space exploration has been known to be the final frontier to human exploration of the universe. The unknown regions that go past the sky into the stars have been of interest to the scientific minds. We look into space with telescopes and send spacecraft towards the stars to explore the vast regions of space. Unfortunately, to explore space funding is needed and that is where there is an argument to see whether we should continue to support manned space flights. There has been a lot of debate…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Space

    Modern spaceflight is something that is wondrous to many people. It is an important topic mainly because advancements made in this field could determine the future of the planet and the human race. The main question on this topic is who should be leading the effort to explore the cosmos, private persons and companies or governmental institutions? Although the modern day space initiative is being mostly spearheaded by private persons and industries, in my opinion, government funded space programs…

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  • 1960s Technological Advances

    At the start of the 1960s, the end of world war 1 had passed. the calculator, artificial heart, and the first moon landing were all major attributions of the decade. The 1960s yielded many major technological advances from previous years. But with the changes, came dangers. Some of the major events of the 1960s were : JFK to win the presidency, The Peace corps is established, kennedy is assassinated, and man lands on the moon. Many more historical American events were to develop in the mid to…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of NASA Spinoff

    However, NASA’s funding has been all over the scale. With the budget being $16.2 billion in 2005, which includes the human spaceflight division, other engineering projects, and science which was all funded by NASA ( It spiked back up to $18.5 billion in the early twenty-tens (, decreased since 2013, then increased again in 2015 ( NASA accomplished many things in the twenty-tens with the higher budget rate. Like launching a rover to…

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  • NASA Argumentative Essay

    That decision was also fairly popular inside of the United States, but it was definitely a complicated situation. During the Cold War, America was gripped by the fear that the Soviet Union would land on the moon first, thereby defeating America in the space race. "When you divorce it from the numbers and you ask people if they like NASA and spaceflight, people say yes, ... 75 to 80 percent are in favor." However, this was only the case in some circumstances. Not all Americans - and usually not…

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  • Space Race Research Paper

    This threatened and in many ways confused the United States as to how the Soviets could have beaten them to these significant milestones. At the time, many of the people involved with the space program didn’t believe the Soviets were even remotely capable of conquering such feats. Jay Barbree, an NBC News space correspondent, said when referring to the Soviet’s launch of Sputnik 1: “People were so upset. They said these people can’t build a refrigerator, how can they get into orbit? How did this…

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  • Hawaii Simulation

    sponsors a Mars simulation facility in a desolate region of Hawaii (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation). The European Space Agency (ESA) directed a 520-day long simulation throughout 2010 and 2011 meant to closely match conditions on a long-term Mars mission (Directorate of Human Spaceflight). In the near future, when humans voyage to Mars, society will feel certain that the astronauts are safe because of the extensive testing that took place on Earth long before the mission…

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  • Why Is It Worth To Explore Space

    we know, where we have came from, we are able to put us into a perspective. Also, by using what we know about space to our own advantage, we are able to build satellites to orbit Earth’s orbit. We use these satellites for example to watch tv, to use gps, or to speak in a mobile phone anywhere. Sources: Rantamaa, Aleksi. “Elon Musk - TLDRDEEP.” YouTube, YouTube, 9 Oct. 2017, Wiles, Jennifer. “Why We Explore.” NASA, NASA, 13 June 2013,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Space Probes

    probes out there because all are designed to study different environments. Unmanned probes are much better because they are not very expensive like manned spacecraft. Manned spaceflight is very expensive and dangerous. Humans require oxygen, food supplies and other equipment’s which increase the cost. NASA should send probes to Mars because probes are not vulnerable to any radiation in space and probes don’t need to wear suits or need oxygen. Unmanned space probes are able to collect more…

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