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  • Argument Against Humanitarianism

    When addressing the idea of development as a component of humanitarianism, there are two schools of thought. One that we need to purely address the immediate needs of a population in crises; and the other that we need to address the immediate needs of the population while also building a sort of infrastructure so we do not have crises to that extent in the future. On a basic level, the idea of offering aid and promoting development seems the most logistical. Of course, it makes sense to provide for the future with development as demonstrated by the program idea of resilience. Resilience argues for the combination of humanitarian aid and development programs and has become popular in politics and basically argues that ending need is a priority of humanitarian organizations. However, based on evidence from articles on resilience, ("Supporting Resilience in Difficult Places" and "Building Resilience by Deconstructing Humanitarian Aid") combining humanitarian aid and development organizations is not the answer. Humanitarian aid organizations and development should remain separate entities in…

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  • Canadian Red Cross Humanitarianism

    ideals and values; thus creating, in contrast, a ‘bad’ to reflect the differences of other countries. These supposed shortcomings are the basis of the humanitarian discourse which has become an acceptable form of interference from dominant groups – prevalently Western governments. While many of the organizations which strive to create an impactful and helpful change in impoverished or repressed societies, they often base their actions off of the misconception that to become better, struggling…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Humanitarian Aid

    Help or Hurt? Humanitarian Aid For over a century, the humanitarianism has represented compassion, courage, goodness, and heroism. It remains so in many ways today. Most of us feel compelled to donate or volunteer when we see images of a starving child, a displaced refugee, or when we hear news about a war-torn or natural disaster affected regions. It is heartwarming to know that there are so many organizations and individuals who so selflessly and courageously rush to help those in need. One of…

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  • Humanitarian Social Media

    The Role of Social Media in Humanitarian Computing Tyler Procko, Mohammad Alali and Zachary Hancock Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Abstract The use of social media as a form of humanitarian computing is a relatively novel area in the realm of technology. Probably the most prevalent use for social media with respect to humanitarian purposes is that of crisis analysis and intervention. In present society, social media platforms are implemented for almost every purpose, including…

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  • We Should Provide Foreign Aid To Other Countries

    Humans have always owned a sense of survival in doing their best of what they can do to live, thrive, and survive such as the survival of the fittest however, we as humans feel the need to help those in need to help everyone for the better good of all. A way that we as humans fulfill the desire to help and better enable the prosperity of others is to donate foreign aid to other countries this has been done for a long, long time in which a group of people as in a country will donate money or…

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  • Summer Of Barshinskey

    INTRODUCTION When I discovered that I had to write a dissertation as part of a history honours course at the University of North London I naturally turned to the library and archive of my employer: the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain. The library is a treasure trove of fascinating archives and artefacts recording Quaker history over a period of 300 and more years. Discussions with the Head Librarian, Malcolm Thomas, narrowed the immense range of dissertation possibilities to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Celebrity Humanitarianism

    Celebrity Humanitarianism: Another Side of the Coin One of the most controversial issues in celebrity culture today is that of celebrities engaging with humanitarian issues. Professor of Political Communications, Wheeler (2012), is of the view that the rising phenomenon of celebrity humanitarianism can have a lot of positive effects on society. Celebrities can use their star status and powerful public presence ‘to make the world a better place’ (Rojek, 2012, p.67). Celebrity commitment in…

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  • Oscar Schindler's Humanitarianism

    Introduction An investigation into the extent were Oscar Schindler’s actions in 1939 was based on humanitarianism? This particular research topic had been chosen due to the fact that it is particularly interesting that during this period in time, during the Nazi rule in Germany, an entrepreneur could save the lives of 1 200 Jews. He did not have to but he took it upon himself to do so, we automatically assume that the action is one of bravery and heroism but some may speculate that there were…

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  • Humanitarianism And The Human Rights Movement

    As an ever more powerful political force, humanitarianism has evolved from its once apolitical stances and found a place on nearly every public policy agenda among developed nations. Since the 1970s, large international groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have dominated the Human Rights Movement, which has grown so much so in complexity and in professionalism that local groups—which arguably have more contextualized knowledge than multinational humanitarian…

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  • Humanitarianism As A Politics Of Life Analysis

    In Didier Fassin’s Humanitarianism as a Politics of Life, he sets us up with the question, to paraphrase, should we risk the lives of a few to save the lives of many? Although the context of the article is different, the question remains the same. I see a lot of kids everyday for short periods of time. I might not remember all of them but I still try to listen and assess them thoroughly. If the time allotted for each child is shortened, the risk of making a mistake increases; sometimes mistakes…

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