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  • Food Waste In Landfills

    depend on quantity, type, soil properties, and environmental condition (short report: benefits of using compost for mitigating climate change). Such minerals such as phosphorous and potassium are essential to plant growth and are released into the soil at a slow-release form (USCC Factsheet, 2008). Compost can influence the integrity of the soil by reducing erosion and increasing overall moisture. Depending on the type of soil the compost is applied to, clay soil will be more friable and porous, increasing gas and water permeability (USCC Factsheet, 2008). By doing so, erosion is reduced. It can reduce soil from being too compact in fine textured soil by increasing water-holding capacity. The organic matter in compost can create a humus content, which can act as glue for the soil. Compost placed on sandy soil can again, reduce erosion, but also improve the moisture dispersion by allowing water to move more laterally (USCC Factsheet, 2008). Conclusion: In 2012, commercial recycling laws became instated in California. Businesses that generate 4 cubic yards or more of waste must arrange for recycling services (Mandatory Commercial Recycling, 2015). This will aid in reducing the waste in the landfills as well as reduce GHG emissions. A current leading objective will be to reduce GHG emissions 5 millions tons of CO2 by 2020, and will be achieved by increasing recycled materials by 2-3million tons of materials annually from commercial sectors (Mandatory Commercial…

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  • Soil Erodibility Factor Analysis

    Soil Erodibility Factor (K) The soil erodibility factor (K), a measure of the susceptibility of soil to erosion under standard conditions, is a function of the percentage of silt and coarse sand, the soil structure, the permeability of the soil, and the percentage of organic matter. Wischmeier et al. (1971) defined the soil erodibility factor mathematically and Foster et al. (1996) converted the equation into the following SI unit equation: The soil erodibility factor (K) is determined for each…

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  • Case Study On Dengue Fever

    Conditions such as uncleared drainage canals and a swampy soil in Kemar’s landscape are favorable to mosquito breeding and habitation. 2. On a broader level, stagnant water, excessive reeds, and extreme heat can also play a role in the increased mosquito breeding. Specifically, tropical regions are typical breeding grounds for mosquitos thanks to acute water presence from rain. 3. Shanae’s illness could be caused by the increasing number of mosquitos she has been exposed to, some of which cary…

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  • Atterberg Limits Of Soil Analysis

    3.0 DETERMINATION OF CONSISTENCY LIMITS OF A SOIL 3.1 Introduction 3.1.1 Objective To determine the Atterberg Limits of Soils 3.1.2 Learning Outcomes Understand the Principle of Consistency and Atterberg Limits of Clay Soils Describe the Atterberg Limit Tests and their uses Perform the tests and obtain the Atterberg Limits Calculate some Indices (Flow Index, Plasticity Index and Toughness Index) for the Clay Soil 3.1.3 Consistency indices Fine-grained soils are formed in nature by the gradual…

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  • Essay On Earthworm Worms

    Soil preference of the Red Compost Worms, Eisenia fetida INTRODUCTION Earthworms provide countless benefits to humans, plants and animals, by improving drainage, advancing nutrient accessibility, and providing a steady soil system, helping to develop farm production. They benefit the soil ecosystem by decomposing and recycling organic matter, opening up pores inside the soil to develop its formation and supplying food for predators . By adding nutrients to the soil they inhabit, earthworms are…

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  • Advantages And Benefits Of Vermicomposting

    die a foul smell is produced; This means that it would be smart to turn over the compost/bedding to expose the worms and bacteria to fresh air. It may also be a semi good idea to leave the lid open for a while. Red wigglers eat a multitude of food. Ranging from apples and tea leaves, to pizza crust and oatmeal. The worm ingests food through the mouth, which has no teeth. The worm relies on a gizzard for food pulverization. A gizzard is essentially a sac that contains small rock like particles,…

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  • John Ruskin: The Definition Of Humility

    Ruskin’s quote tells us that a great man is determined by his humility, but what is humility? Humility is not lacking pride but not having too much pride it’s being confident but at the same time having respect for others ideas and beliefs and viewing yourself or putting yourself in others shoes.Everyone has their own perception of humility, whether that is humility in Judaism in accepting who you are, humility in Islamic faith or, humility in Christianity which is not to say think less of…

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  • What Is Mycorrhiza?

    mycorrhizal banks of specific fungi or a mixture of different fungi have an immense scope, as “inoculum” and could be used as an effective and economical tool to introduce mycorrhizal fungi on the seedlings. Forest duff or soil inoculum is the oldest and commonest method of mycorrhizal inoculation in the Indian forestry practices, although pure culture is also practiced occasionally which is in an infancy stage. The fungal inoculums should be placed in the rooting zone at the time of seedling…

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  • Im2 Unit 2 Assignment

    Statement It is estimated that about one half of all the food produced or consumed by United States is discarded and thrown into trash. My question is why we should waste all the food. About 26 millions of waste is generated each year. Around 474 lbs. of waste is generated by each household every year. 90% of food waste is generated by businesses like supermarkets and restaurants. There has to be a solution for this problem. Solution Over and surplus production are main culprits of these…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A House Of Kabab Restaurant

    restaurant. When I opened the menu I was amazing .the food is varied. There are many different dishes. For instance, Chicken Soltani and Beef Sirloin Lunch Special are appetizing. This order is chicken, beef, yellow rice, white rice, salad, and bread. When I saw the dish, I was impressed by the wonderful way of offering the food. Grilled red tomatoes and grilled onions next to the yellow rice are very excellent. Also, the taste of this dish is very ambrosia. I recommend requesting this recipe.…

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