Hundreds in Sussex County

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  • Indian River Hundred Speck Summary

    Nevertheless, Speck’s arrival in Indian River Hundred proved particularly fortuitous for the Nanticoke, who were at the time facing new challenges to their collective identity. Despite the 1881 law that established a tripartite school system, the county appointed a black teacher to work at the Warwick School in the 1910s and several black children were enrolled soon after. A group of Nanticoke responded unfavorably to these turn of events. After withdrawing their children from the Warwick school the parents helped to set up a third school in Indian River Hundred called the Indian Mission School. Eventually white neighbors started to exert pressure on the all the Nanticoke to accept classification as “Negroes.” Under the direction of William…

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  • The Shack Short Story

    later, on March 29, fraternal twins were born with a fresh blanket of snow that heralded another cold front. The mercury was not going to exceed -9°C for the day and would be approaching -20°C again that night as it had been doing the entire previous week. At least the stream through the middle of the shack was temporarily thwarted! They were delivered thankfully by Dr. Thomas Walton, a very experienced English doctor in town (and Indian Agent to boot, amongst other things). John and Lucinda…

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  • Bodam Castle Essay

    Bodiam is located near Robertsbridge, by the river Rother in East Sussex. Its construction began in 1385 and was funded and owned by Sir Edward Dallingridge. Bodiam is said to be the most spectacular private castle of the decade. Bodiam is the kind of castle that most people imagine when they think what a medieval castle is supposed to look like, with its large stone walls and towers surrounded by moat looking very dramatic and highly defensive. Bodiam to this day remains very intact and is…

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  • Civil Forfeiture In Mississippi

    20. Civil libertarians question the constitutionality of civil forfeiture, which has become a key part of revenue for state and local law enforcement agencies nationwide. Under the laws of many states, citizens can be deprived of their property or even cash if police merely suspect the owners to be involved in criminal involvements. Since 2006, Richland’s four-officer interdiction team has obtained vast forfeiture numbers. In 2014, the team seized five hundred six thousand four hundred cash and…

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  • Oliver Cromwell's Impact On The Civil War

    influence political and social life until recent times. (Gaunt, 1996) Cromwell, the only son of Robert Cromwell and Elizabeth Steward was born in Huntingdon, England in 1599. His father, who was active in local affairs, had been a member of one of Queen Elizabeth's parliaments. Robert Cromwell died when his son was 18, but his widow lived to the age of 89. Oliver went to the local grammar school and then for a year attended Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. After his father died he left…

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