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  • New Jersey Inc Case Study

    New Jersey courts have considered the following factors in deciding whether the employee was an independent contractor or an employee (the list is not exhaustive): 1. Review type of payments, W2, 1099’s, or cash; 2. Review payroll records for the worker; 3. Read any contracts between the companies involved, including indemnification cause, which may render the independent contractor defense moot; 4. Investigate any pending IRS issues pertaining to the worker’s status; 5. Determine who supplied the tools and equipment if in the construction field; 6. Check the method of transportation of the worker to the job site; 7. Investigate whether there are other sources of income or whether the putative employer is the only source of income; 8. Determine…

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  • Essay On New Jersey

    New Jersey is the greatest state in America. This has nothing to do with the fact that I have lived in New Jersey my whole life; I make this claim strictly with objectivity and fact based arguments. The diverse, and densely populated state is home to a bevy of attractive and titillating features. Historically, culturally, scenically, New Jersey is without equal. Conventional wisdom of New Jersey’s ails are not grounded in reality. New Jersey is called “The Garden State” for a reason, as despite…

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  • Descriptive Essay On New Jersey

    When someone mentions New Jersey, what do you envision? Many have called it the “armpit of America” or refer to it as “Dirty Jersey”. My home state of New Jersey is none of those and I want to share with you the “real” New Jersey as opposed to the New Jersey that is often represented by the media. New Jersey usually comes across as being filled with a bunch of Jersey Shore people who don’t pump their own gas, but in reality it has a family rich environment, especially in my hometown of…

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  • New Jersey Informative Speech

    Nithin Information Writing Welcome to New Jersey, The Garden state: Does going to modern and historical places make you excited? No? Do you like blueberries fresh from the farm? Then New Jersey is for you. Fantastic places to see, historical battles, events to keep alive, and inventions that changed life in the globe. This is New Jersey, another fantastic destination. Cozy and high action attractions in New Jersey: New Jersey has some fantastic places. For example, If you like the ocean,…

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  • New Jersey Economy

    To begin with, New Jersey may have been a small colony, but its history is just as important as New York and Pennsylvania. It was taken from the dutch for the Duke of York. Its temperature was great and its landforms amazing. New Jersey is ethnically diverse and tolerated many religions. Its economy wasn’t half bad either. This report will show how New Jersey came to be and what it was during the colonial times. Firstly, New Jersey was founded by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret when the…

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  • The Importance Of Drought In New Jersey

    faced by New Jersey is the issues with droughts. Over the past few months, there has been less and less rainfall compared to the natural amount of precipitation that naturally occurs in certain parts of New Jersey to keep good water levels. Data shows that the drought has taken a toll on the northern part of New Jersey, while the southern part is doing just fine In terms of rainfall. On paper it seems like a very serious issue, although I hadn’t noticed any in the past few weeks. This is a…

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  • New Jersey Pros And Cons

    New Jersey New Jersey was one of the original 13 colonies. The colony was founded by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret in 1664. New Jersey is part of the Middle Colonies. Philip Carteret became the first colonial governor in 1664. (Economy, Climate, Religion) Economy The New Jersey eEconomy was based on Manufacturing, ironing, and lumbering. New Jersey had fertile soil, which made growing food easy. New Jersey grew so crops, particularly wheat. Iron was also…

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  • The New Jersey Plan Essay

    1) What type of representation did the New Jersey Plan call for? The type of representation the New Jersey Plan call for is the “equal representation” where even though the population of each states are different, they will still have the same number of representatives for their state. A federal government with only one legislative body which was based on the idea of equal representation that is having two senators despite the size of the state and its population. 2) What type of…

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  • New Jersey Plan Essay

    (Patterson, 2013, p. 31). However, the New Jersey Plan proposal needed a stronger national government. Congress would only permit one single vote in each state whether it was a small or a large state (Patterson, 2013, p. 31). Nonetheless, due to the debate over the two plans, the delegates came up with another plan known as the Great Compromise, which also consisted of a two-chamber congress. Two senators were assigned one chamber, allowing the house to represent on the basis of population…

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  • The Shack Short Story

    The mercury was not going to exceed -9°C for the day and would be approaching -20°C again that night as it had been doing the entire previous week. At least the stream through the middle of the shack was temporarily thwarted! They were delivered thankfully by Dr. Thomas Walton, a very experienced English doctor in town (and Indian Agent to boot, amongst other things). John and Lucinda named the two new Jennings, John Arthur and Edith Victoria. It can’t be doubted that the whole family couldn’t…

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