The Importance Of New Jersey

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New Jersey is the greatest state in America. This has nothing to do with the fact that I have lived in New Jersey my whole life; I make this claim strictly with objectivity and fact based arguments. The diverse, and densely populated state is home to a bevy of attractive and titillating features. Historically, culturally, scenically, New Jersey is without equal. Conventional wisdom of New Jersey’s ails are not grounded in reality. New Jersey is called “The Garden State” for a reason, as despite popular belief, the state is more than just highways. New Jersey has everything you would want in a state and more. Many of the greatest Americans ever are from our boundaries. Our cuisine is renowned and unlike any other. Landmarks of television and …show more content…
After spending two months here in Pennsylvania, I was forced to make a trip home. I could not stand to eat what they call pizza or bagels here. It is a travesty. It is unclear whether the water in New Jersey is just better for dough products, or people in other states just have no idea what they are doing, but whatever it is New Jersey is just the tops. Side note: Chicago Deep Dish “Pizza” though good, is not pizza. Pizza is extremely hit or miss in any other state (sans New York), but in New Jersey you can walk into any pizzeria and know that you will be getting a high-quality product. The same goes for bagels. If you order a bagel in New Jersey, you can rest assured that what you are getting is going to be delicious and what you expect a bagel to be. The other type of dining that I miss when I leave New Jersey is diner food. Diners in New Jersey are notoriously the best diners in the country. If you want pancakes at 1 A.M, New Jersey Diners are the place for you. The Greeks have found a way to assimilate to New Jersey Culture, and that is by opening fantastic diners. Most of them serve food 24 hours a day, they are always affordable, and provide outstanding serving sizes. Diners are the only eating establishments a person really needs. The menus are comprehensive, and have something for everyone. Everyone in New Jersey has his or her favorite local diner, and usually knows the owners by name. In my last diner meal before leaving for school, Mr. Matthews, the owner of my beloved “Pompton Queen Diner”, covered my meal as my goodbye present. That is all you need to know about the family atmosphere and love that comes from New Jersey diners. Another thing that I am missing from New Jersey’s cuisine is Taylor Ham. If you ask the typical Pennsylvanian what Taylor Ham is, they will have no clue. Taylor Ham is the ultimate breakfast meat. It goes perfectly as a side to eggs, or on a bagel. Yet

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