Descriptive Essay On New York City

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New York City From a New Yorker’s Point of View: A City Filled with Flaws

New York City. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. These phrases always seem to catch the attention of many people. When New York comes up in a conversation, most people think about well-known locations like Grand Central Station where you can travel to upstate New York or other states near New York, or Times Square where the lights shine the brightest and there are so many different things to do like shopping, eating, sightseeing, or just hanging out. There are places like Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center (in Brooklyn) where sports are played or concerts are put on. For those who are interested in historical landmarks, there are places like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge,
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There are many other locations and landmarks that could be listed, but I’d never get to the point of this essay so let’s move on. New York City is full with all these beautiful and amazing places. But why is it all that people think about when they hear the words “New York”? Well, that’s simply because people see what they want to see. Even I do that. I lived in New York City and moved to Miami because of beautiful weather and beaches, but I had no idea that it rains and pours at least once a day. Because just like in almost anything, New York shows the beauty before anything else. Honestly, New York is more than just bright lights and historical landmarks. There are literally landmarks through the entire United States. So why is New York so special? See, what people don’t realize is that there are two types of New Yorks’. There’s the New York that tourists and non-New York residents

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