Narrative Essay: The Big Apple: New York City

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The Big Apple
New York City is the place that everyone dreams of visiting. From the building, to the city lights, everyone wants to see the city that never sleeps. I remember being six years old and seeing NYC on the news while sitting on my couch in my living room in Poland. All the tall building and city streets did not fail to quickly capture my attention. Before I knew it my parents and I were on the plane and ready to move to NYC. Not knowing what to expect, I was excited yet very nervous at the same time. I was really hoping my high expectations of NYC would not be turned upside down once I actually get there. Every single person has a different interpretation of New York. Some are more enthusiastic than others but most view this city
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It seemed like the “noble city” that Trollope was referring to. Taking a subway for the first time and being surrounded by so many different people on a hot summer day did actually make me a little uncomfortable but before I knew it, I became completely ok with it. Every direction you looked, there were people, cabs, bikes, buses, and people trying to drive their cars around the quite fascinating chaos. In my little town, walking was perfectly fine to get from one place to another. I don’t think I have ever seen a yellow cab or a taxi in general while growing up in Kadzidlo, Poland. Just standing and observing everyone rushing around me was an interesting experience alone. Even today after so many years of living here and feeling like a New Yorker, I have my days where my Polish tendencies kick in and I move a lot slower than a lot of the people around me. I stare and wonder why everyone around me is in such a …show more content…
The first sentence of the piece “ I have never seen the bay of Naples, I can therefore make no comparison, but my imagination is incapable of conceiving any thing of the kind more beautiful than the harbor of New York”, made me think about the views and beautiful places that Poland has to offer. I do have something to compare NYC to and sometimes, even though this city really is lovely, I feel like Poland or Europe in general might actually be a little nicer and definitely a lot cleaner than NYC. Yet, I also agree with Trollope when she says that “New York is one of the finest cities I ever saw.” In her piece she perfectly capture New York City, people will “ALWAYS find something new to see and admire”. I still find new things and places that seem to take my breath away every single

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