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  • How Did Ww2 Change American Consumer Culture

    frame worked switched to produce goods for the consumers. Consumerism was significant in the late 1940s and 1950s because many people could enjoy goods that were made for them, as well as new products that they would be later introduced to, and wages were increasing steadily for workers. Because of the money America had saved during the war, America was able to take care of the veterans that had returned from the war. The GI Bill of Rights was passed in order to support the Veterans returning from war, the GI Bill of Rights allowed veterans to achieve a higher education, and have affordable housing. Consumer culture began to grow steadily, and Americans were able to purchase items that were designed to make life more efficient. Washers, dryers, vacuum cleaners, and lawn mowers allowed Americans to take care of their new homes that were available with low interest mortgages. Consumer culture also changes American society; there was a rise in the middle class and white…

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  • The Importance Of Common Core State Standards

    the standard with the activists from both political spectrums making ground. In the meanwhile there has been a minimizing what an educational standard represents. Repeatedly through history education has been a flashpoint for both the left and right to contend how to manage every change. The States and local school boards have to follow Federal Laws or Acts including NCLB, EDSA, Civil Rights laws to name a few. Each entity uses political methods to scourge or oppress ideas or acts they do…

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  • Lock And Key Theme

    How could isolation be so tempting after the abandonment of a loved one? In Lock and Key, written by Sarah Dessen, Ruby is a seventeen year old left by her mother to fend for herself. After living smartly and quietly for several months, Ruby's plan of solitude was crushed by a landlord. Because she was caught, she is forced to transition into the lifestyle of her wealthy older sister who hadn't been seen in years. As Ruby meets the caring and loyal people in her new, unfamiliar life, it becomes…

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  • The Dating Game Analysis

    The “Dating Game” was a game show where an individual was allowed to ask a series of questions to three potential dates. The person asking the questions could not see his/her potential dates. Their final selection was based solely on how the questions were answered and not what they could see. The “Dating Game” concept is a good basis for the interview process used to select the right people when hiring a new employee. Interviews should be conducted with appropriate questions asked to assess…

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  • A World On The Turtle's Back Analysis

    from a tree, & ended up giving birth to two completely opposite minded people. In “Thor’s Hammer” Loki, who's an avid trickster, was crying for his life to Thor after cutting his wife’s hair off. A similarity I saw in the two stories was push and shove. In the story, “A world on the turtle’s back”, the left handed twin is ridiculously impatient and wants to be born immediately rather than the right handed twin, who is more laid back, and humbly waits untill he is ready to be born. While in the…

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  • Cunningham's Dance Analysis

    Paired with these classical movements we see their arms crossed at the wrist, elbows straight to create an X-shape. In contrast to the slow balletic lines, the women also execute parallel jumps with their arms curving over their heads, contractions that soften their upright torsos, and lateral C-curves. The first section demonstrates that Cunningham began his choreography thinking about the shapes of ballet, then going beyond those familiar forms he explored how the torso could move out of them…

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  • Academic Writing Analysis

    refer back to the main topic of the paper. Lastly, the conclusion where the writer restates the thesis and summarizes all the important points. What is Script Writing? Script writing is a document that outlines aural, visual, behavioral and lingual elements to tell a story. Script writing has become so much easier now than it was when the ancestors began the first script writing. Technology has saved writers so much time when they begin to write. History of Script Writing In addition, script…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Best Football Player

    point of the ball. I luckily caught it but my thumb started to ache in pain but, I didn’t think anything of it. After our catch my mom drove me to the game, she was also my coach. I loved having my mom has a coach because she was different because she was the only girl coach and thought the game differently than all the other coaches. Just before we left I ate a sandwich and took some Tylenol. I thought I had a bruised thumb but, I wasn’t sure. On the way to the game I iced my finger…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Being An Athlete

    reduced peripheral vascular resistance, resulting in continuous volume changes for all cardiac chambers. Chamber dilated due to the volume overload so the heart can take in more blood. Strength training normal or slightly increase cardiac output, increased vascular resistance which results in increased blood pressure and LV afterload. The pressure overload causes the heart walls to increase in size to make the heart a stronger, more efficient heart during training. As expected, alterations to…

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  • El Paso High School Observation Report

    and Millie was never seen again. Present Day: September 20, 2016 at 11:30 a.m. The El Paso High School had just reopened after a 20-year break and Bobby and Barris had been following Principal Archibald around all day. Principal Archibald had been the one who urged the high school reopen, but no one knew why it was closed. Bobby and Barris thought they had broken the code when they broke into the basement at back-to-school night but only coming out empty handed and on Archibald’s ‘bad guys’…

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