Academic Writing Essay

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From chemistry lab reports to an English essay, academic writing is a big role in the educational system. Academic writing is difficult to actually define, however the broad idea of it is about carrying a conversation forward. Academic writing is mostly preformed in essays, research papers, academic journal, etc. Some characteristics of this writing includes planning and outlining. A proper outline is crucial for academic writing. Not only will outlining help the writer formulate thoughts, but also show the reader certain relationships between topics. Furthermore, academic writing also involves proper tone, meaning that there is no slang words, abbreviations, or too many clichés. This leads to the language of academic writing where the paper …show more content…
Script writing is a planning device for the video. Without script writing it would be like trying to cross the ocean with any navigation. The crew and the captain would be lost and confused, just plain helpless. This is how the movies or shows depend on script writing. Another example of how script writing could be displayed as it being the blue print to a house. The workers cannot build the house without the blue prints of the house. The blue prints are the guide to the creation of a masterpiece. Script writing is the guide for producer, directors, actors, and the crew. The writing tells the complete story, and contains all the actions in the film and dialogue for each character. Another importance to script writing is they can predict the cost of what the film might cost. Therefore, the producers have an idea of what to eliminate depending on budget costs. Not only does script writing predict the cost, but also sets up a schedule that can save …show more content…
This is the arranging of the author’s story elements into a specific chronological order. In other words, it is the characters, events, outcomes, and reactions of a story are organized to make a solid plot. The solid plot would consist of the environment, actions leading to the climax whether the climax rises or fall; then leading to the final part of the paper, the conclusion.
In addition, there are five basic things script writing needs to be a well written script. First, the author must give the audience what they want, and keep them on the edge of their seat. A well-structured script makes the audience emotions run crazy. Next is the content of the author’s story and they form the author uses. There are two main things to remember in writing the script, the story and the plot. Furthermore, an author needs to be careful, and pace their actions. Pacing is critical and very important to script writing. Pacing is the thing that keeps the audience hooked on to the story. The main goal for the author is to get to the audience’s emotions and keep them

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