Personal Narrative: Ambidexterity In The Martial Arts

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Ambidexterity in the Martial Arts
My thoughts on ambidexterity go back to early childhood, long before I had even known there was such a word to describe being able to use both sides of the body with equal ability. When I was a child entering elementary school in the first grade during the middle 1960’s I had naturally started to learn how to print and write using my left hand. However, much to the dismay of my teacher and my parents, the thought of me writing with my left hand must have been shocking and not in line with the teaching methods of that time so they corrected me and switched my writing hand from the left hand to the right hand.
I’ve often wondered why they changed the hand I was to learn to write with. Perhaps it was because
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I just go through the motions. Could this possibly be moo shim? Is this the Empty Mind? I think it is. Many times I have simply gone through the motions while doing hyungs or Il soo sik dae ryun not focusing on the technique as I should but all the while still thinking in my mind I was giving the all-out effort, and before you know it time had expired and class was over. My stress from the day was relived and I was looking forward to a night of …show more content…
What is odd about that? In one sense the tasks are very similar. I’m attempting to communicate, but using a different hand for differing manners. When I play tennis, my left hand is my forehand side, but when I play golf or baseball I hit right-handed. That’s what feels right. That is what came naturally. Loads of everyday items like clothes, watches, scissors or the zipper on a jacket are designed for right-handed people. Left-hand dominant or ambidextrous people use these items at high levels of efficiency and do so with little or no thought. Practice makes perfect. Should we be training our Hu Bae beginners these principals of ambidexterity as early as possible in order to maximize the amount of time they have to retrain their own

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