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  • Huntington Community Health Case Study

    Huntington is a quaint city in southwestern, West Virginia along the Ohio River. Although several community leaders and organizations have implement programs to improve the health of the community, there are still several public health concerns in our community. The purpose of this paper is to document a windshield view of the community’s population, the environment, and the health status of the city’s population. After completing the assessment of the community, I will discuss the city’s leading health issues, as well as complete a nursing diagnosis, based on the outcomes of this assessment. Description of the Community The city of Huntington sits at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains along the Ohio River in Cabell County,…

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  • The Clash Of Civilization By Samuel P. Huntington

    Based on The Clash of Civilization by Samuel P. Huntington, it is believed that the future of this world is on the basis of civilization which can be subdivided into culture and religion. The future conflicts, arguments and differences are basically on the level of human fundamental component itself which is civilization. There will be no longer conflict about economy, nationality or ideas, but the core of those aspects. This future projection is made based on the transformation process that…

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  • Huntington Beach State Park Summary

    Atalaya Internship at Huntington Beach State Park Throughout history, the idea of using interpretation and preservation in order to fully keep up a National Historic Landmark has always been very important. Without really putting in the work to make such landmarks presentable and runnable, visitors would not be able to entirely enjoy and learn the rich history that the historic place has to offer. During my role as an intern at Atalaya Castle, the winter home of Archer and Anna Hyatt…

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  • Samuel Huntington Clash Of Civilization Analysis

    1. WHAT IS A RESEARCH QUESTION? The research question in Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations is: Will civilization/culture be the new basis of conflict between countries after the end of the Cold War? 2. A) WHAT IS/ARE THE MAIN HYPOTHESES AND NULL HYPOTHESES? Huntington had several hypotheses in his article. They include: i) The end of the Cold War between the West and East will create a new form of conflict among different religious and cultural identities; ii) This new form of…

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  • Clash Of Civilizations And The Remaking Of The New World By Samuel P. Huntington

    Samuel P. Huntington writes his book the Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the New World in five parts. The book is about civilizations development in values, ideologies, religion, and culture. In part one Huntington creates a post war civilization map where the world is separated into nine civilizations. The first is the western civilization that consist of north america and europe. The second Latin America which was central and south america. Third African which was only the…

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  • Huntington Clash Of Civilizations

    When Huntington published his book The Clash of Civilizations in 1996 it was largely ignored but after 9/11 this book flew off the shelf. His idea does not stop at global terrorism but brings up a broader question of the effects of these civilizations in other spheres such as historic and future security crises, the global economy, the environment and climate change, and globalization. Looking through each of these subjects it becomes evident that Huntington’s clash of civilizations is quite…

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  • Elfie Huntington Bagley

    Elfie Huntington Bagley Introduction Elfie Huntington Bagley (fig. 1), a Springville, Utah native, produced a vast number of photographs between the years of 1892 and 1949. Elfie, while primarily working in Springville, Utah, traveled the entire state and the Mountain West making photographs. Her photography tells a story of life in Utah at the turn of the twentieth century. In her work, she shows a particular interest in photographing the lives of women. Her photographs of women and girls…

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  • Huntington Vs Fukuyama Analysis

    Francis Fukuyama and Samuel P. Huntington, both political scientists, wrote pieces on world civilizations and ideals. These two political scientists both had very different ideas on how world civilizations and ideals will continue. They argue the points on the future of international conflict among the nations and they question if there is a way of peace among nations in the future or if it is truly the “end of history.” The end of history is not a new idea, the idea originally began with Karl…

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  • The Clash Of Civilization Huntington Summary

    Main Thesis: Huntington wrote The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order in 1993 for the publication Foreign Affairs magazine. In this article, he is trying to point out that the world politics was moving towards a new page where there will be future conflict would occur between civilizations based on cultural differences. According to Huntington, these cultural fault lines were divided up between eight civilizations: ?Western, Confucian, Japanese, Islamic, Hindu,…

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  • Huntington Ingalls Industries

    As discussed earlier, decisions carrying potential long-term ramifications become strategic by their very nature. More than ever, due to many challenges in the professional marketplace over the last several decades, serious-minded career formulation entails collecting and assimilating relevant information before pulling the trigger on any long-term career endeavor. As an illustration, occupations once gained strictly through vocational venues, now find their divisions from traditional higher…

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