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  • Overcoming Obstacles: A Short Story

    “Set!” I hold my breath. Boom! Exploding from my block and gaining speed with every stride, I feel more and more air brush against my face. All the anxiety from crouching back in the blocks is released at once. I focus on my steps. If I can’t approach first hurdle in eight steps, I will stumble and lose momentum. After four or five steps of acceleration, I stand up tall to prepare for the jump. My strides shorten as I approach my eighth step. Last short stride! Now right knee up. Lean forward. Leap! I am airborne. As I fly over my first hurdle I can’t help but look to the side. There is nobody next to me. I am winning. I just need to finish the race. My luck ends there, however. While my eyes drift to other lanes my body twists and stumbles to the next hurdle. I take a short step to regain my balance, but lose some speed. In the short three step distance between hurdles, there is no room for error. A chill runs up my spine. I try to regather myself and pick up my pace, only to realize that the blue obstacle is just one step away. Only three more to go! I want to tell myself. Fear overtakes me. From two steps away the waist high hurdle seems insurmountably high. I have already taken more than 3 steps, yet the hurdle still stands undefeated before me. Worst of all, my steps are off. My non-dominant left leg is now in the back, about to become the lead leg over the hurdle. With only one arm length between the hurdle and me, there is no room to adjust. I have never…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Hurdling Obstacles

    Hurdling Obstacles Challenges, obstacles, and the unplanned struggles that pop up throughout our lives. As we go through our everyday lives obstacles and challenges will be presented. However, there are a few ways we respond: one, give up because we think it's “too hard”, or two, persevering to conquer what's in the way. When presented with a long lasting obstacle that we have to choose to overcome everyday--shutting down and shutting up or preserving and proving it/them wrong. For myself, I…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Chernobyl Incident

    The year is 1986 I was at the Chernobyl incident I was trying to evacuated the citizens when it happened. As I was leading the people out of the town I noticed one person by the rector pealing back the reinforced concrete like it was putty, fighting myself on weather or not I should help,more and more of the town was being destroyed I decided to stop the man that was causing the chaos I pickup the pipe that laying on the wilted ground know that I would die. After I made it to the hole in the…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Naval Officer Essay

    I’m not just a part of a group of people who have chosen to become nurses in the Navy-- I’m also connected to everyone else in the world because I can help whenever and wherever I am needed. In a professional aspect, having a career without boundaries means that I have the opportunity to use the most advanced technology in the world and to work and learn from the most-qualified colleagues. Therefore, a Naval Nurse Officer career combines my love for the sea, interest in humanitarian aid, and…

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  • Shakespeare's Macbeth-The Double Entendre Of Ambition

    that light, encapsulating cognition, spare its radiance over his clandestine yearnings; thereby, wishing that none of his comrades acquire knowledge of his sacrilegious notions and adding to his duplicitous temperament. Moreover, with further scrutiny of the evocative word choice, one may behold covert commentaries concerning the essence of ambition. To explain, the final sentences impart insight on the polarity of aspirations by constructing juxtaposed images. The incongruity of luminosity and…

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  • Ancient Olympics Research Paper

    began in 700 b.c (Middleton 2). The ancient Olympics were the most famous competition held every four years in honor of Zeus (Ganeri 49). The Olympic games were a mixture of religion, sport, and war (Ancient 22). A truce was held between the city-states so the competitors may pass through safely (Ganeri 48). Officials had to make sure that all of the athletes were free-born Greeks and never been accused of homicide (Ancient 22). The first events that took place were running, wrestling and boxing…

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  • Compare And Contrast O Youth And Beauty By John Cheever

    Cash and Louise Bentley lead an average upper-middle-class life that is centered around Cash’s desire to relive his youthful track star days. Cash’s reenactment of his track days transpires at parties that Cash attends with his wife; he starts by moving all the furniture into an obstacle course where he performs hurdles in front of all the party’s attendants. His desire, however, eventually spirals out of control and draws him away from the pleasure and comfort of his family when, on a Saturday…

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  • Obscure Sports Study Guide

    d) Paint their toenails. 7. In 2001, organizers canceled the annual Cheese Rolling Event at Cooper 's Hill, England, where contestants pursue a cylindrical cheese down a steep hill, with injuries every year, due to- a) Police concern about injury. b) Floods. c) A cheese shortage. d) An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. 8. Which of the following is NOT a real sport? a) Bog Snorkeling, in which contestants snorkel through a trench in a Peat Bog. b) Kangaroo Hurdling, in which kangaroos bound…

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  • Odysseus Tough Experiences In Homer's Odyssey

    In the Odysseus’s life and experiences that he had to face relate to the tough experiences I and other teenagers have went through. Throughout the Odyssey, Odysseus had to choose really tough decisions just like me. Though he was on a journey to be re-united to the love of his life, and his son, and I am on my journey of life. Also, Odysseus’s problems might be a little more complicated than what i face, they still are hard to deal with. When I was born I had been diagnosed with an irregular…

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  • Gloria Anzaldúa How To Tame A Wild Tongue Summary

    In “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” Gloria Anzaldúa maintains the strong belief that Chicano people are, as expected, harsh on themselves due to their strict and forbidden upbringing and they will likely continue their refusal to conform to a particular set of biased guidelines—having been attributed to them by a cultural oppression—not through revolution but by communicating and connecting to the modern world around them. Throughout the essay, Anzaldúa shows her strong abilities to preserve her…

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