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  • Warfare In The Middle Ages

    It is debatable whether siege warfare became as important as it was due to the presence of the defensive monstrosities that were castles or if it was siege warfare that led to the advancement of castles, but siege warfare is a key focus regardless. When analyzing medieval warfare, some historians make the mistake of ignoring siege engines or warfare and instead choose to focus their inquiry on knights or horses . Knights on horseback had a minor impact on siege warfare, which was the leading form of combat. The medieval battleground consisted of not only the great walled cities, of which, for example, there were almost one hundred in Gaul alone, but also numerous castra, castella, and even less elaborate fortifications. Siege warfare in Europe focused on these fortified cities and other, less fortified, population centers. Bachrach argues that siege warfare is not focused on enough when examining medieval warfare. The majority of warfare during the Middle Ages was made up of siege warfare, and Bachrach says that historians instead choose to focus on minor components of medieval warfare such as knights on horseback and that in depth examination of siege warfare is necessary when historians are examining warfare during the Middle…

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  • Climate In Arwad Island And Outdoor Weather And Skilled Environment

    Actually, it is unclear if these fortifications were built in Crusader period or Islamic period, but the features belong to the construction style of both of them can be seen in the tower and the citadel, the cross vault construction and the crusader inscription of Lusignan Family in the medieval period are on the right and left of the main gate of the tower and the citadel, as well the vaults and domes of the Ayyubid and Mamluk architecture style Fig.5. The investigation was carried out in…

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  • Bodam Castle Essay

    Bodiam is located near Robertsbridge, by the river Rother in East Sussex. Its construction began in 1385 and was funded and owned by Sir Edward Dallingridge. Bodiam is said to be the most spectacular private castle of the decade. Bodiam is the kind of castle that most people imagine when they think what a medieval castle is supposed to look like, with its large stone walls and towers surrounded by moat looking very dramatic and highly defensive. Bodiam to this day remains very intact and is…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Hunger And Malnutrition?

    Of the 2 million iodine deficient people worldwide, approximately 50 million people suffer from serious symptoms of iodine deficiency [8]. The symptoms of iodine deficiency are multifaceted. Sufferers may experience mental retardation, thyroid enlargement, hypothyroidism, lowered immunity and decreased organ function. Supplementation through the Micronutrient Initiative and the Government of Canada is helping to ensure universal iodization worldwide. Iron Deficiency and Fortification Iron is…

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  • Maginot Line Failure

    The Maginot Line: France’s Most Ingenious Military Failure France’s Maginot Line is well known for its failure to halt the German invasion of France in June of 1940. Named after André Maginot and constructed in the 1930s, the Maginot Line was thought by the French to be an impregnable and untouchable wall of defenses. The Maginot Line was an unbroken line of fortifications that went along the Franco-German border from Longwy, near where France, Belgium, and Luxembourg meet, to Switzerland’s…

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  • Native American Dance: Lester Horton Technique

    The particular way that a Horton Technique class is taught varies upon the teacher/school, however The Ailey School uses 17 “fortification studies” that each focus on a different idea, such as descent/ascent and laterals, or body parts such as the Achilles tendons or abdominals. The class then progresses across the floor with movement phrases, turns and single-foot arch springs (similar to how our own class is set up). The Horton technique is an organized syllabus that is separated into…

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  • Symbolism In Edgar Allen Poe's The Cask Of Amontillado

    is considered the backbone of the Montresor’s revenge. Literally speaking, a cask of Amontillado is a type of sherry wine that has been processed in a special way. One simple interpretation of the wine as a symbol is that it may be representative of Fortunato’s inebriated state, as he is intoxicated when met by Montresor. However, a more complex symbol for the Amontillado refers to its refining. Amontillado is made by a base sherry, fortified to 13.5 percent alcohol and it is then limited to its…

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  • Hookworm Disease Essay

    produces anaemia in endemic areas of malaria. * Increased requirements Castro-intestinal surgery-In adequate utilization of iron can take place secondary to chronic gastro-intestinal disturbances, defective release of iron from iron stores into the plasma and defective iron utilization owing to a chronic inflammation or other chronic disorder. * Inadequate health policy/programmes-It is one of the reason behind spread of anaemia. * Increased demand of iron during pregnancy also causes anaemia…

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  • Fort Sumter History

    fort was manufactured to oblige an army of 650 officers and 135 cannons pieces. Development of Fort Sumter first started in 1829 in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, on a man made island manufactured from a great many huge amounts of rock. Building came to a standstill in the 1830s in the midst of a disagreement regarding responsibility for stretch of the harbor, and did not continue until 1841. In the same way as other Third System fortifications, Fort Sumter demonstrated an excessive try, and…

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  • Importance Of Biofortification In Food

    Fortification and functional foods It is well-known that a lack of micronutriency in the world is of paramount improtance. It can cause a series of different problems, and quite often it is also the reason for obesity, while inapropriate nutrition leads to deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. However, there are are already existing practices, directed to solve this problem. The process of adding nutrients into foods is called fortification. Thea are different techniques used in…

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