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  • Personal Narrative: Sparkle

    Everyone has that one thing in life they enjoy doing. For me that is spending time with my horse, Sparkle. I could spend hours with her every day. I look at Sparkle as my best friend more than I look at her as a horse. So, the day I jumped on her bareback I thought nothing of it. Sometimes even simple decision like that are the ones that you have to pay for. What I find important is that you are always learning from those decisions. Even today I am still learning from that decision even if it wasn’t necessarily wrong. I am constantly reminded of the day I fell of my horse and broke my shoulder. It is amazing to me how one little choice can impact so much and for me one example was when I broke my shoulder. One beautiful evening in late spring I was out with Sparkle. She was down the road from where I live in a gorgeous pasture full of grass. That evening it was especially quiet and peaceful. There was no one else around besides Sparkle and I. It had been a long day and I was ready to have some fun and forget about everything else. I put on her pink halter and lead rope and I just jumped on her bareback. I had done it a million times in the past and I thought nothing of it. Sparkle had more energy that evening than usually and was ready to go. She only wanted to trot and didn’t feel like slowing down. Not thinking too much about her level of energy we continued to ride around in her pasture. She began trotting again when I began to slide off of her I squeezed with my legs to…

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  • Bound & Gagged Ad Analysis

    violence against women in social media is not a new concept, nor is it shocking when used as a selling point in the market campaigning. Ford released a “mock up” ad that directed itself to the Indian car market, however it was not for publication and the image sexual violent nature caused controversy. The ad itself shows the audience looking into the car from the opened trunk door of a Ford Figo. An older male is sitting in the driver’s seat of the car looking back to the audience, grinning ear…

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  • Case Study: SFU Fashion Week

    directed by an executive named Ashlin, and he guided the group towards a photo booth area where they could have their pictures taken. They accepted and were then guided by Ashlin again to take a seat in the waiting area until further notice. These guests continued to talk to each other about their days and momentarily stop when a phone break was needed. They quickly noticed that a catering table was being set up and patiently waited for the table to be completely set up. Groups of individuals…

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  • The Fan Boys Film Analysis

    Red Box dominating the living rooms of America, movie theatres are enduring an ugly gut-punch. A viewer’s favorite flicks can be enjoyed at dirt-cheap prices and from the comfort of their lavish couch. Why go on an expedition to the theatre fifteen minutes down the road with its filthy seats and crazy prices when I can get the full experience in my cozy man cave? Several people avoid movie theatres as if they are the plague for a smorgasbord of reasons, but ultimately, the excuse is the…

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  • My Norm Violations

    for my birthday weekend it was finally time to head back to long beach and get back on the rode to get home shower and get some rest. I had been a very fun experienced but over all going up and down the hills got be so warrant out I needed some rest. When being in line to get on the Catalina Island expresses in was time for my boyfriend and I to find two seats in which we can be seated for the hour long on sea. My boyfriend found two seats next to an African American lady we then gathered our…

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  • Essay On Seatbelts

    In the year 1968, Josh and I took a step back and reviewed our accomplishments. Even if we had several prizes and awards, we always stayed humble in honor of my mother because she wouldn’t have had it any other way. “I know she would be immeasurably proud of us and everything she inspired us to do.” Josh said compassionately as he climbed into the passenger seat. “Losing her was the worst day of my life; I never thought that it would drive us to do something so wonderful. The one thing that…

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  • Deadly Weapon Investigation Report

    investigation. Officer Marin # 5450 and Officer Poirier #7081 responded to assist. Upon our arrival I, met with Victim Larry Cornel Jones, who told me the following information in summary: On 01-12-16 at about 1645 hours, Jones was in the rear apartment building’s parking lot working on his vehicle (located on the south side of the apartment building). Jones reportedly saw Suspect Deandre Lee Vaughns park his maroon 4Dr 2000 Chevrolet Malibu, California license plate #4WQY630 along the west…

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  • Lexus Research Paper

    The fold-flat rear seat extends that storage area, however. Performance — 6 The Lexus hybrid system is big on fuel efficiency, but not so much is it about power. Off-the-mark acceleration is tepid and the engine is loud during hard acceleration — highway speeds are reached at a leisurely pace. The hatchback’s passing power is laudable as it provides more than sufficient kick to move past that slow moving semi in the right line. All models come with drive mode control with a normal default…

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  • Car Seat Persuasive Speech

    There are many car seats that people use in the world today because of the benefits they enjoy from them especially the toddler car seats as they help to provide safety and comfort for the children as much as possible. The car seat is usually fixed to a vehicle and then children are placed in the rightly place in the seat. For the people that have been looking for a reliable car seat for their children, the Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Car Seat will be the best one for them. Children will…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Wearing Seatbelts

    Recently, a 27-year-old woman was killed, and her two young children were injured in a rollover accident. None of the three were wearing seatbelts when they were ejected from the vehicle. Fortunately, there things you can do to increase your chances of surviving a rollover accident. As Nashville auto accident lawyers, we want to offer advice for preventing and surviving a rollover accident. Wear your seatbelt. While an estimated 86 percent of Tennesseans wear their seatbelts, more than half of…

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