Essay On Earthworm Worms

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Soil preference of the Red Compost Worms, Eisenia fetida
Earthworms provide countless benefits to humans, plants and animals, by improving drainage, advancing nutrient accessibility, and providing a steady soil system, helping to develop farm production. They benefit the soil ecosystem by decomposing and recycling organic matter, opening up pores inside the soil to develop its formation and supplying food for predators . By adding nutrients to the soil they inhabit, earthworms are constantly working to keep soil healthy in order for plants to grow well in it .

An earthworm’s skin is preserved by a thin cuticle and remained moist by a slimy mucus. This lets it absorb the oxygen it needs and eliminate carbon dioxide. If a worm is dried up by the sun, it will die since the exchange of gases cannot occur . However to
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Moisture levels varied between the soils, with a 73.5 % water holding capacity for wet soil and 51.5 % water holding capacity for dry soil. Any holes in the bottom on the flowerpots were taped with masking tape, and a divider was added to the middle of the flowerpot to separate the two soil types. Following this approximately 1.5 L of each experimented soil tested was filled into each side of the flowerpot.
100 worms were carefully counted from a separate bin of soil and evenly placed on the surface of the soil on one side of the pot. The behaviour of the worms were observed for 5 minutes and their actions were recorded. The worms were then released by removing the divider from the pot. After the worms were released the flowerpot was covered with its lid (concave side down) and secured with masking tape, ensuring all gaps had been sealed. Each replicate was left for a week, and when the worms were brought back the following week any worms on each side of the pot were counted and

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