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  • Yueyang Hsia Yung Analysis

    Since the Tang Dynasty in 716 AD, the Yueyang Tower has guarded the Northern gateway to the Hunan province, the point where the Yangtze River meets the Xiang River at Lake Dongting. The site, once a platform for the Wu Kingdom (222-250 AD) general Lu Su to train his naval troops1, offers a beautiful and strategic panoramic view of the surrounding area and a near bird’s eye view of the lake – one of China’s largest bodies of fresh water. The tower had already been through numerous reconstructions, most recently during the Song Dynasty in 1054, when Hsia Yung (mid 14th century) masterfully depicted an idyllic scene of life in Yueyang: scholars stroll about in the foreground amongst the trees and rocks, people enjoy a meal in the tower, and…

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  • Disciplinary System Case Study

    Disciplinary Systems For faculty, staff and students who violate related regulations, punishment shall follow proper procedures with sufficient evidence, based on the principles of clarity, qualitative accuracy, and appropriateness, strictly in accordance with relevant regulations at the Business School, Hunan University, and National levels. For faculty and staff who violates regulations, HNUBS will give criticism or take disciplinary actions, which consist of warnings, serious warnings,…

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  • British Airways Case Study

    HNUBS is fully responsible for formulating and implementing its own strategic plans. In compliance with the premise of the overall planning and related policies of Hunan University, the Business School autonomously works out and implements its strategic plans. Specifically, the long-term strategic plans are discussed and put forward by both the Strategic Advisory Committee and all members of the faculty and staff. For instance, the Business School has made its own Strategic Planning of the 12th…

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  • The Importance Of Food In India

    the most representative of China. These eight major cuisines and their corresponding geographical locations are: Chuan (Sichuan and Chongqing), Lu (Shandong), Su (Jiangsu), Min (Fujian), Zhe (Zhejiang), Hunan (Xiang), Hui (Anhui) and Yue or Cantonese (Guangdong), (Zhu et al., 2013). The corresponding regions of origin for each of these cuisines can be seen by referring to Figure 1. Figure 1. Map of Chinese Provinces (“Map of China Provinces & Cities”, 2016). The eight regional cuisines are…

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  • The Mao Zedong: Genocide

    Amanda Burnett 5/4/16 D - Block World History The Mao Zedong (TseTung) Genocide Through his campaign for Industrialization, the Great Leap Forward, Mao Zedong caused the deaths of 45 million civilians living in the People 's Republic of China. Through various events in the life of the chinese communist leader, Mao Zedong, it lead him to the powerful communist leader that he had become. On December 26th, 1893 Mao Zedong or Mao TseTung was born into a family of peasants,…

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  • Rightist From Small Shop Analysis

    6 Rightist From Small Shop Song Wenzai, my grandfather-in-law, was not tall, but handsome with big, clean eyes and bushy eyebrows, straight nose. The inspiring righteousness flowed in his forehead. The heavy beards were all the way on his both cheeks. With a strong Hunan accent, high voice, smiled all the time, he was a kind man with a cheerful look. With his childhood family poverty, went to apprentice learned hand printing as a teenage in Hunan province. At age of twenty, he came to…

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  • Schumpeter And Opie Research Paper

    The reason why capitalism is full of vitality is the existence of innovators. Entrepreneurs are people who are engaged in "creative destruction (creative-destruction)". One of the biggest hidden dangers of the enterprise is the disappearance of the spirit of innovation. Hunan Taizinai Group is an example of what will happen when a company stop to innovation. In the past, Hunan Taizinai Group Company was the largest group which make ferment lactobacillus milk drink. However, Hunan Taizinai Group…

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  • Golden Rice Effect

    distribution. The two case studies occurred in the Bicol region of the Philippines and the Hunan Province of China. In the Bicol case study, environmental activists destroyed test plots of a new strain of Golden Rice. In the Hunan Province case study, several Chinese scientists collaborated with an American scientist to test the effectiveness of Golden Rice, but neglected to tell the children or their parents that the children were eating a GMO—the American scientist involved violated federal…

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  • Diversity Assignment

    It is always intriguing to know that we have always been open to diversity and never let things stop us from making our University student body exist as one. I also support our diversity statement because, it is all about co-existing as one smooth student body. Every University is unique, and I feel that Washburn has had huge improvements and has taken multiple steps to make it how it is now. The person I met for this assignment was Emili. Emili is very much different from be by the fact that…

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  • Project Bridge Research Paper

    daily lives, bettering ourselves and society. Have you visited or lived any places outside the United States? If so, please list all the countries that you visited and lived. What did you learn from your trips and stays? If not, what countries would you like to travel to and why? Two summers ago, I visited my birthplace, China. I was adopted and have never been back, so I was extremely nervous and was not entirely sure of what to expect. When visiting, my mother and I went all over: to…

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