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  • Construction Of Construction And Post Construction Stage

    The average ranking is done by considering mean RII of the different level of impact on pre-construction, construction and post-construction stage. Table 4 also shows mean RII of all stages and ranked overall causes of delay. From the zoning idea the top ten key causes of delay were investigated and ranked as corruption, unavailability of utilities in site, inflation or price increases in materials, lack of quality materials, late design and design documents, slow delivery of material, late in approving and receiving of complete project work, poor site management and performance, late release budget/ funds and ineffective project planning and scheduling. Those are sequentially listed and described as Corruption: - In overall and each stage of construction process corruption investigated as most critical cause to delays in Ethiopian construction industry. Corruption has not mostly identified as a major cause of project delay in previous study. Therefore, this factor considered unique to construction projects in Ethiopia. Unavailability of utilities in site: - the respondents agreed absence of utilities in site such as water, electricity, or telephone were the common major causes of project delay especially in large projects. which is not as common cause to other studies. The cause materializes due to expectance of the contractors to fulfill the utility and facility by government. Inflation or price increases in materials:- Inflation or price increases in materials also has…

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  • Construction Consent In Construction

    Building consent and resource consent documentation and territorial authority stages prepared and managed There won’t be any work on your construction project unless you have the building consent and some other needed consents, such as resource consent. There are four stages that contribute for a construction project. Making a good application is very important if you need a building consent. By making good plan and right research, may also benefit in accelerating consent handling and approval…

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  • The Importance Of Construction For House Construction

    Earth’s crust and focused on various geological features of the world. All of these credentials make me qualified to present my observations for the best place for house construction for the local community. I feel as though presenting my outline for home-building on this mountainous terrain, and my knowledge of the movement of the land underneath the surface, will be valuable for local real estate and potential homebuyers. Lot S, Lot N,…

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  • Construction Delays: Challenges And Consequences In The Construction Industry

    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION The construction industry creates different resources, property, infrastructure and facilities. The construction industry is a vigorously and new system or technique and ideas industry that produces building and infrastructures for all characteristics of commercial and domestic purposes and activities. It is a universal and worldwide industry that facilitates the development and maintenance of building, transport link and energy supplies (Howarth &…

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  • UK Construction Week: The Rise Of UK Construction Week

    THE RISE OF UK CONSTRUCTION WEEK UK Construction Week was designed to be influential and challenge the industry from its very inception. Now, shortlisted ‘Best Launch Of The Year’ and ‘Best Team Of The Year’ for the PPA Connect Awards, having already won the ‘AEO Best Trade Show Launch’; it attracted a record number of visitors in its second edition and is showing no signs of slowing down. Launched in October 2015, UK Construction Week just realised its second edition attracting more than…

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  • Qualities Of Construction Management

    Construction Management (CM) is a very hands-on field of study which deals with logistical conflicts daily. If you are in the construction business, then you are also in the people business. Dealing with people within your company and maintaining solid relationships with other companies is a significant part of the job as a construction manager. This job also includes working with engineers of all sorts, but working with architects is the major component in building structures. CM is essential…

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  • Lean Construction Definition

    REVIEW OF “CONSTRUCTION WASTE MINIMIZATION IN WAREHOUSE CONSTRUCTION THROUGH IMPLEMENTATION OF LEAN CONSTRCUTION IN NIGERIA” JOHN OYINKRO SAMUEL (I.D: s5043186) Griffith School of Engineering, Griffith University, Gold Coast, QLD4222, Australia This paper presents a review of “minimizing project cost and time delay in warehouse erection through implementation of lean construction”. It shows an overview of Material procurement process, warehouse erection in the context country in which lean…

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  • Sustainable Construction Essay

    The attainment of framework of sustainable construction principles is implemented through legislation, policies and strategies (i.e. methods, building tools and construction practices). Legislation and policy were introduced by construction organisation, and the governments worldwide to control the impact of construction activities on society and the environment. It is a minimum requirement and compliance of construction firms to follow professional and industry codes of practice and guidelines…

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  • Virtual Reality In Construction

    that bring about a new perspective on how projects are executed. The best reasoning for using VR in BIM is to improve upon communication for all project members, reduce any scheduling errors, and provide overall transparency to the project. VR and BIM work simultaneously with each other in order to achieve many different aspects to the model. According to R. Issa: “A virtual reality platform supported by knowledge-based database systems can become the main interface to construction information…

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  • Steel Frame In Construction

    Steel Frame: An Intelligent Way to Build Houses Wood, after the stone, is the oldest construction material of history. It was also an abundant resource which was the cause of the popularization of its use. Are there new technologies able to replace the use of this natural and outdated source that was more abundant in the past than today? Yes, there are newer and better technologies that can replace the wood frames. For example, I can mention the steel frame technology. The use of steel as a…

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