Lean Construction Definition

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Griffith School of Engineering, Griffith University, Gold Coast, QLD4222, Australia
This paper presents a review of “minimizing project cost and time delay in warehouse erection through implementation of lean construction”. It shows an overview of Material procurement process, warehouse erection in the context country in which lean construction is to be implemented. This paper presents a review on the objectives of the study among others included the identification of sources and causes of material wastes on construction sites, and identification of barriers to successful implementation
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1.2. Context of lean construction Several countries around the world have in recent time adopted the practice of lean construction in their construction industry and private companies. Lean construction considers construction material wastes as potential wastes that disrupts flow of value to the client and should be eliminated. Questions arises as to whether professionals in the construction sector in Nigeria are aware to what amount of materials waste are generated on sites. If any or what measures have they put in place to tackle the situation?
2. The Literature Review The construction industry in Nigeria, as in other parts of the world, is huge and a crucial segment in economic development. No matter what one does, there is construction, as it cuts across all sectors. As such the construction industry play an immersed role to the countries development and growth and comprise of companies primarily engaged in construction such as general contractors (buildings, hotels, warehouses, factories etc.), heavy construction (airports, highways, and utility systems), and construction by specialist trade. Including agriculture, manufacturing and mining, its importance cannot be over
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Assess the views of construction personnel on the level of contribution of some waste minimization measures to waste reduction, and the level of practice of such measures in the Nigeria construction industry. c). Assess the level of knowledge on lean concept among construction practitioners in the Industry. d). Identify and prioritize influential barriers to successful implementation of lean construction in the warehouse construction industry. e). Propose a framework that has the potential of minimizing materials waste through the implementation of lean principles.
3. Lean Construction Opportunity
The implementation of lean construction aims to advance knowledge on construction site waste minimization, increase productivity and enhance project performance, as such making contractors and construction companies more valuable to government to achieve future growth and cut cost on wastage in return.
4. Lean Construction Benefits
Some of the benefits which are key that will be obtained from adopting of lean construction principles including the approach proposed in this paper are:
1. Material waste will be minimized and project performance will be improved and enhance value for individual client.
2. National Economy will get more positive

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