Construction Of Construction And Post Construction Stage

The average ranking is done by considering mean RII of the different level of impact on pre-construction, construction and post-construction stage. Table 4 also shows mean RII of all stages and ranked overall causes of delay. From the zoning idea the top ten key causes of delay were investigated and ranked as corruption, unavailability of utilities in site, inflation or price increases in materials, lack of quality materials, late design and design documents, slow delivery of material, late in approving and receiving of complete project work, poor site management and performance, late release budget/ funds and ineffective project planning and scheduling. Those are sequentially listed and described as
Corruption: - In overall and each stage of construction process corruption investigated as most critical cause to delays in Ethiopian construction industry. Corruption has not mostly identified as a major cause of project delay in previous study. Therefore, this factor considered unique to construction projects in Ethiopia.
Unavailability of utilities in site: - the respondents agreed absence of utilities in site such as water, electricity, or telephone were the common major causes of project delay especially in large projects. which is not as common cause to other studies. The cause materializes due to expectance of the contractors to fulfill the utility and facility by government.
Inflation or price increases in materials:- Inflation or price increases in materials also has

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