Principle Of Project Management

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the principles of project management and how they can be applied by A2Z Construction in the execution of additional office space to accommodate business growth. In recent time, A2Z Construction’s unique services have attracted a large pool of clients and led to an increase in the number of projects. This has placed great strain on the organisation in terms of accommodation, human resource management, and planning. Consequently, the organisation has resulted to two possible options to improve operations: Project A – which entails extending the current 4 storey building to a 5 storey building and Project B – which involves buying and renovating an extra small office building space nearby.
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2). In this case, A2Z Construction’s stakeholders consisting of organisation’s top management, employees, project team and leader, clients, suppliers need to commit to the project from the planning stage to the post-project monitoring stage.
2) The success principle
The success principle entails understanding the project milestones and deliverables agreeing upon them before the project commences and activities designated (Wideman 2003, p. 2). The A2Z Construction will have to understand the timeline of the project and allocate both the estimated and supplementary budget. The project schedule needs to highlight the number of personnel working in the project and their specific jobs and deliverables. The risk factors associated with the building or purchase of new office space will require contingency/mitigations plans just in case the risk[s] occur.
3) The tetrad-off
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4). For instance, the A2Z Construction can maintain control of the project from the onset by reconfirming the plan, evaluating the performance, undertaking corrective measures, and keeping people informed throughout the project (Taylor 2008, p. 201).
6) The single-point responsibility principle
The single-point responsibility refers the fact that one person (the project leader) has to be in charge of the project and should act as the go-between the sponsors and the team (Wideman 2003, p. 4). The project leader for the A2Z Construction project is myself.
7) The cultural environment principle
Wideman (2003, p. 5) notes that there must be a supportive culture for the project to succeed. A2Z Construction’s culture and the management’s willingness to support matters here. For example, the management can ensure that the team has a leader whose management style suits their preferences, that the team is given all the information needed to carry out the project, and that all the requires resources are made available to the team.
AC1.2 Appraisal of the Viability of Projects, developing Success/Fail

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