Construction Delays: Challenges And Consequences In The Construction Industry

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The construction industry creates different resources, property, infrastructure and facilities. The construction industry is a vigorously and new system or technique and ideas industry that produces building and infrastructures for all characteristics of commercial and domestic purposes and activities. It is a universal and worldwide industry that facilitates the development and maintenance of building, transport link and energy supplies (Howarth & Watson, 2009). But nowadays, there are many challenges and problems in construction industry especially the delays problem. Our country, Malaysia also experience the delay of construction problems. As stated by Hamzah et al. (2012), construction delay
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It is mark as the greatest common, expensively and unpredictable or high risk problem face in construction project with a enfeeble effect on the parties to a contract, Delay could be outlined as the time exceed either beyond completion date specified in an agreement or contract, or over the date that the parties agreed upon for delivery of a project in construction industry (Assaf & Al-Hejji, 2005). The construction industry is an important player in the economy, promoting both, employment and prosperity. Delays can cause too many negative effects such as law suits between owners and contractors, extended costs, reduction of productivity, income and earnings, and contract cancellation. In the opinion of Abdul-Rahman et al. (2006), disturbance of work and misplacement of productivity, late accomplishment of project increase time related cost, third party claims, abandonment and discontinuation of contract or agreement are some effects or outcome from the delay issues.

This study is carried out to analyse the causes and effects of construction delay in projects. Furthermore, the outcome of this study would bring to recommendations work towards bring down or minimizing the impact of delay problem. There could be valuable financial savings on projects if construction delays can be avoided or
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In order to resolve the research problem, the proper procedure should be followed to ensure that the objectives are achieved. If this procedure is followed from the very beginning until the end, the delay in construction can be avoided.

To ensure that the research is successfully done, the data will be collected throughout the specific region stated in the limitations. The data will be collected by gathering the first and secondary data to ensure that it is more reliable. The method of collection is by referring the books and conducting interviews with several contractors.

I. Literature review
Literature reviews are important in guiding the researcher to give an overview about the topic. Author will obtain a literature review through the journal articles, conferences papers, newspapers, industrial organized websites, websites and previous dissertation or thesis. The researcher will review the literature to find out what has been written about the selected topic. Besides, the results of a comprehensive literature review might be able to help in the process of survey and also semi-structured interview.

II. Questionnaire

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