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  • Integrated Design Process

    In the architectural, engineering and construction industry there is a growing awareness that the effective design of sustainable buildings results from an accurate optimization process of all the variables that are involved and interrelated in meeting the various sustainability goals in the field of energy, indoor environmental quality, water management, and sustainable materials [1][2]. For that reason, current frameworks for the building design process rely on a high degree of interdisciplinary collaboration between all the professionals involved (architects, engineers, consultants, etc.) from the early design stage to the delivery of the building. Such frameworks are often referred to as “integrated design process” (IDP), for example in IEA Task 23 [3], “integrated delivery…

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  • Arwad Island Case Study Essay

    5.3. Ventilation: No matter the courtyard is small or big in these two buildings, the ventilation still has very small values, due to the closing massive walls towards the outside and opening towards the inside in the origin design, and the semi-closed windows later during the operation. Both buildings need an increase of ventilation ranging between 0.06-0.1 m/s comparing with 0.15 m/s of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard for occupant comfort (ANSI/ASHRAE 1992), taking into account the consideration of…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Murrakami

    The challenges according to the National Institute for environmental studies include complex performance metrics, high startup costs, the lack of training for the technology, and a lack of incentives for those who choose energy saving residences or products. United Nations Environment Programme suggested that building codes and appliance standards are the best ways to increase energy efficiency. On the other hand, professor Murakami puts the emphasis on policies and influencing society. Murakami…

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  • Office Staff Might Feel Uncomfortable Case Study

    windows within in a building, there is the potential to make a building either very warm or very cold. For example, in seasons were the weather is usually warmer such as summer, a lot of sunlight will get through the windows leaving the building very warm. This may cause the employees to become very uncomfortable and unable to complete their work effectively. Therefore, a business may have to spend more money installing fans etc to keep the employees comfortable so that their standard of work…

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  • Tiny Compact Home Case Study

    Tiny Modular Home Co. will offer a house that is meant to be bought in sections and connected by a professional installer to become a permanent home. The target market (16 Lodish) of the business would focus on producing sales with young people, senior citizens, and regions that show a higher interest in tiny homes statistically. With this in mind, there will be several variations of modular homes that can be viewed and purchased. But, customers primarily are expected to customize their home…

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  • Carillion Construction Ltd V. Woods Bagot Europe Ltd & Ors

    Akhtar Hashi Chowdhury 23/03/2018 Liability in Civil Engineering – A Case Study Carillion Construction Ltd v Woods Bagot Europe Ltd & Ors [2016] EWHC 905 (TCC) Introduction This report presents a liability case study regarding the extension of deadlines in civil engineering projects, and the damages that might occur as a result of these delays. The liability aspect of the dispute presented in this report are reviewed and…

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  • Differences Between Civil Engineering And Architecture

    Civil Engineering and Architecture: Similarities and Differences It is sometimes easy to confuse the two fields of civil engineering and architecture. Civil engineering and architecture have a lot of similarities and differences. There are overlapping parts to both fields. One of the fundamental differences between civil engineering and architecture is that civil engineers have a much broader application in the work field. Civil engineers can design a house, but an architect cannot…

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  • Fire Evacuation Methods

    The vital calculation used is evacuation time; which is how long it takes an occupant to evacuate a structure. The evacuation time calculation assumes the occupant will immediately begin to exit and does not consider other human behaviors that would delay evacuation and safety. For example, people often delay evacuation to fight the fire, gather valuables, or attempt to rescue others in the building (Kuligowski, 2008). Case studies of tragedy fires demonstrate that these standardized…

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  • Case Study: A Letter To Mr. Lensherr

    Our team is comprised of several design, studio, and managing directors to both work closely with the corporate CEO and maximize a return on investment towards a new structure. In addition to creating an innovative structure, our design directors believe that our projects should be both aesthetically and elegantly pleasing to all residing within the building. As a design director, they are responsible for the concept design and project development. Secondly, our studio directors implement and…

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  • Harbour Cay Condominium In Cocoa Beach: A Case Study

    There have been many structural failures in recent history due to engineering oversight, material use, building practices and many other problems. The Harbour Cay Condominium in Cocoa Beach Florida is one example of a structural failure. The Condominium was being built in 1981, would be five stories tall, contain forty five units, and twenty eight townhouses. On March 27, 1981 the workers were placing the concrete roof slab when the top floor collapsed subsequently causing the lower floors to…

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