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  • Summary: Badly Injured Man Not Done Partying Yet

    Ambrosio and Matthew Murdock Summary: “Badly Injured Man Not Done Partying Yet.” Fire has a destroying tongue, a whisper of chipped teeth. Society will think it holy, the god for the dark side of humanity sharpening his jaw. It is women with unguarded hearts who tend to the flame, their ribs buried in dirt so they could be without the armor of bone. It’s far easier to reach the muscle, to let it beat in their own way, donning dresses woven by the Furies as a deathless shroud. They are only made of grandeur if someone can tremble before them. Women as the beast and not the beauty. There is a hymn written in dust, singing of the fragment of infinity when it steps into the light, all curves, a raw beauty afire, the devil waiting beneath callused skin. For centuries now, the beautiful and the sublime has tangled itself in the workings of art, a mess of vines wrapped around the ankles, thorns or flowers embedded in the skin. The meaning of both terms is held simply, what is beautiful is soft and sweetening, sugar in a personified form, something people wish to gaze upon. The sublime is cast in shadow, a sharp taste, something a person doesn’t wish to glance at, and yet, they must stare, they have no other choice as they quiver in its wake. Such ideas are still held in modern literature, however, as this method of perceiving the world has been present before Edmund Burke offered his definitions, works of art and its writings reflect each other throughout history. This is…

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  • Bullseye Glass Case Analysis

    Bullseye Glass is a local glass manufacturing company in Portland, Oregon. In May 2016 Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) reported that on May 9th and 10th the company had violated the 24-hour benchmark and released 4x higher amounts of lead that allowed and that the Bullseye Glass company was the source. (OPB, 2016.) The company responded by claiming that DEQ is attempting to close the company down. The issue had been centrally over the production of a “white opal” glass, which…

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  • Personal Narrative-Friday Night Lights

    “Now when you are ready you can slide the safety switch over to the fire your gun should glow red when you do. Today your goal is to score the most points. The closer you get to the bullseye the more points you can get. You can fire when ready and when you run out of ammo set your gun down and flip the switch to safety. Oh and there is one other thing, you will rarely fire at stationary targets.” He reached up and pulled a lever down the targets began to move back and forth. “Now go.” I then…

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  • Katniss Everdeen Research Paper

    partly dependent on how well you are able to shoot. Accuracy is key while shooting archery. By following my directions, I guarantee you will learn how to shoot an arrow more accurately, and who knows maybe you will even become the next Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen. Shooting a bullseye sounds easy right? How hard can pulling back a string and shooting an arrow really be? Many people underestimate the complexity of archery. What looks like just shooting an arrow actually involves many…

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  • Classic Union Uniforms

    darker colors. While volunteers wore lighter blues. There wered even some troops that wore grey. There was more diversity of the uniforms at the beginning of the war than at the end. Troops usually carried a knapsack. The knapsack usually had a tent, coat, blanket, food, and any personal items. To mend their uniforms, soldiers would bring a “housewife”, a kit with needles, yarn, and a thimble that was easy to carry so soldiers could bring it without it taking up too much space. Not all troops…

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  • Essay On Technology And Privacy

    Another example Helen uses in chapter 3 relates to George Bell and his use of a microscopic camera. George Bell, an employee of the (cough*) “wonderful” company of Microsoft, took up a tiny camera upon his clothing to record his daily life. However, we do not know what he would do with these recordings. All we can presume is that it is an invasion of our personal privacy. First, he doesn’t even let anyone know that they are being recorded by his tiny device. Secondly, he works for Microsoft,…

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  • The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story

    Genocides are an unforgettable part of a country’s history and unfortunately the universe has a bad name for repeating it. In history, there have been many genocides, some worse than the others. However, a couple have hit the bullseye, when it comes to being the worst genocides known to man. The Holocaust, mainly along with the Armenian genocide has caught the attention of people all over the world for various reasons. The author of “The Zookeeper’s Wife: A War Story”, Diane Ackerman captured…

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  • What Is Woody In Act 2 Scene 2

    In the film Toy Story 2 directed by John Lassetter, towards the middle of the movie Woody is at “chicken mans” in the process of potentially being packed and sent to Japan with Jessie, Stinky Pete, and Bullseye. Woody is the lone ranger when it comes to wanting to consistenly leave and return to his owner Andy. Although the other characters are thrilled for Woody’s presence because he is the original Woody doll, according to the movie it is rare to find a original woody doll. Furthermore, the…

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  • Robin's Case Study: Merry Men

    become much more stringent. When he began his company, he had a clear heart-felt mission and his followers were in line with this mission, but this is no longer happening. Robin needs to instill membership requirements to ensure new members have the skills required to advance the band as well as Robin should require personality assessments to determine if new candidates have values that match the values of the Merry Men. At this point Robin no longer knows if he can trust his members to carry…

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  • Societal Parenting Research Paper

    lines has been a serious blow to our children as well. They used to have to go through the parents, or at least be at home to be reached. Although there are certain advantages to being able to reach children from anywhere, that also means anyone else can reach them, or even locate them depending on their apps and privacy settings. Factory settings from Google allows the Locations application to send a location to anyone who has your username and the know-how, but most people are not even aware…

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