Summary: Badly Injured Man Not Done Partying Yet

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Ambrosio and Matthew Murdock Summary: “Badly Injured Man Not Done Partying Yet.”

Fire has a destroying tongue, a whisper of chipped teeth. Society will think it holy, the god for the dark side of humanity sharpening his jaw. It is women with unguarded hearts who tend to the flame, their ribs buried in dirt so they could be without the armor of bone. It’s far easier to reach the muscle, to let it beat in their own way, donning dresses woven by the Furies as a deathless shroud. They are only made of grandeur if someone can tremble before them. Women as the beast and not the beauty. There is a hymn written in dust, singing of the fragment of infinity when it steps into the light, all curves, a raw beauty afire, the devil waiting beneath callused
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The meaning of both terms is held simply, what is beautiful is soft and sweetening, sugar in a personified form, something people wish to gaze upon. The sublime is cast in shadow, a sharp taste, something a person doesn’t wish to glance at, and yet, they must stare, they have no other choice as they quiver in its wake. Such ideas are still held in modern literature, however, as this method of perceiving the world has been present before Edmund Burke offered his definitions, works of art and its writings reflect each other throughout history. This is especially true with those who question the stereotypes that arise from the beautiful and the sublime with gender roles and religion. The former calling to light the extent of feminine and masculine ideals, women as soft and men as powerful. Religion is truly seen as sublime, gothic structures reaching an infinity, fires of hell calling forth the sinners, striking fear. To …show more content…
The beginning parallels begin with the idea of a distant figure of the past, Elektra becoming the woman of Matt’s dreams, and all a purposeful act to distract him, instantly having him drawn to her by saving him from being kicked out of the party he crashed into in the first place. Another aspect of her personality and the control she holds of her own situations with Matt is through the manipulation she holds in their conversations, interrupting him to the point that he can’t get a word in, forcing her words to enter the world and to the point that he can’t avoid her in any aspect she holds in his life. This is also present in the way she spins his life until she is the one controlling it, worming around his work until it is only her that is his client at his law firm, isolating him from his co-workers as his time can only be spent on her, as the business can’t refuse her wealth. A final concept she holds is an otherworldly aspect of her person that is difficult to ignore, in the way that does reflect Matilda’s, in the first way of Elektra’s British accent, which stands out against the New York atmosphere, and as

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