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  • Buoyancy Essay

    The boat, despite many bugs that needed to be worked out, preformed to the team’s expectations and in the result preformed well. There are many aspects to how the boat performed as well as it did and why some of the problems that were encountered were present. These aspects include the physics concepts of buoyancy and efficiency; the design choice to have the propeller bellow water and a narrower, longer body; and testing and debugging the vessel to work optimally. The vessel operated well due to the physics concepts of buoyancy and efficiency. Buoyancy works because the boat is less dense than the water causing the water to push it up causing it to float; the less density of the boat the nearer to the surface the vessel floats. The boat…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Streetcar Named Desire

    thing to another looking for instant gratification instead of long term satisfaction. We have dreams of success and goals for our lives and we want to achieve these things based on our own timeframe. We have this picture in our heads of the trajectory of our lives and believe that it will all work out the way we want it to. We search for immediate gains with short term gratification and are often frustrated or discouraged when things don’t pan out the way we think they should. When we want…

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  • Buoyancy Lab Report Physics

    Experiment 3: Buoyancy Introduction Mass is described as the measure of the amount of matter contained in an object. On the other hand, weight is the measure of the force of gravity acting on the mass. Mass is measured in kilograms, while weight is measured in newtons. The density of an object is found by dividing the mass by the volume. Buoyancy is the upward force of a liquid which counters the weight of an immersed object. The theoretical buoyancy of an object can be calculated by using the…

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  • Double Diffusive Vargination Flows

    Jin et al.[9] examined the double diffusive convection flow in a cavity with horizontal temperature and concentration gradients . They noticed the effect of operation in different buoyancy ratio regimes on the formation of fluid cells , heat and mass distribution within the cavity. Chen et al. [10] investigated the vortex formations in a 3 dimensional cavity model whose side walls are differentially heated and salted. We et al.[11] studied the convection phenomenon in a cavity with high aspect…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Coral Reef Diving

    equipment hang loose. Secure all equipment so nothing bumps into the corals. Don’t pollute the water with anything. Don’t break of or take any pieces of the corals. BECOME AN IDEAL CORAL REEF DIVER It doesn’t require a great deal of effort to become a sensitive and technically sound coral reef diver. Possessing the willingness and strong determination toward saving nature is all that’s needed. Proper training during scuba courses can also help to a great extent. Divers must become…

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  • Stuck Pipe Case Study

    A reduction can be in place by displacing the well to a lighter mud ergo the analysis has to be repeated considering the new Specific Gravity (s.g.) of the mud, obtaining a new differential pressure and buoyancy. Using the values obtained in Equation 1 we will get the surface force which can be below or above the pipe strength. Equation 2 will provide the torque which also can be below of above the torque limit. We must consider that these two values must be always be below their limits, said…

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  • How Often Do Volcanoes Erupt

    my paper I will be giving information on how often do volcanoes erupt. First,I will explain how magma can trigger volcanic eruption. Next, I will discuss how buoyancy can also trigger a volcanic eruption. Finally, I will predict how pressure from gases in the magma and magma chamber can cause a volcanic eruption,and give some more details about my volcano. It depends on the volcano to erupt oftenly. Some volcanoes erupt very often (and some like Kilauea almost never stop). On the other hand,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Fast Boat

    The first test was without a rudder and the last 4 tests were with a rudder. The boat had to be tested multiple times to get the best speed. When constructing the boat, the group members had different ideas, but all ideas were put into the construction of the boat. After many tests. The group had finally gotten the best time on the boat. Then the data from the tests was used to find the efficiency of the boat. Along with the rest of the data, the group found the velocity of each test. In the…

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  • Deccan Traps Essay

    over 200,000 sq mi of surface area. The term ‘traps’ is a geological term used to describe a group of rock formations that make a sort of stair or step like hills. The Deccan Traps first began to form around 66 million years ago, towards the end of the Cretaceous period. Similar volcanic eruptions occurred at other parts of the world as well, such as the Western Ghat. The original area of Deccan was covered by the lava flows that were estimated to have been as large as approximately half the…

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  • The Importance Of Equalizing In The Bahamas

    Taking lots of short, shallow breaths will only make you run out of oxygen quicker - take deep, slow breaths to keep yourself calm (and it'll help control your buoyancy) and to extend your supply of air. Try to use a minimum of movement while under the water. Keep your arms folded at your chest, or by your sides. The more you move around, the more air you'll use. Experienced divers and divemasters never seem to move, they just float around under the water - it's one way to relax in the Bahamas! …

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