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  • Burglary Research

    forms (Haigh, 2006). Burglary is a crime which has evolved drastically over time, but in all its forms it has always reflected the significance of breaking into a building, or part thereof, and the damage that it can cause to both people and property. Policymakers have long sought to use law to shape the physical environment to reduce crime (Anderson, MacDonald, Bluthenthal, & Ashwood, 2013). Such efforts date at least as far back as the Statute of Winchester in 1285, in which King Edward I required the widening of highways and removal of bushes that provided cover to robbers (Anderson, MacDonald, Bluthenthal, & Ashwood, 2013). Beginning in the 1970’s, criminologists and researchers began…

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  • Analyse The Law On Theft, Blinglary And Burglary In The Case

    Analyse the law on theft, robbery and burglary in a given scenario providing a reasoned conclusion. Referring to the case of Mr Paul Anthony and Mr Simon Jackson, both defendants would be liable to be found guilty on some grounds of the Theft Act (1968): Mr Anthony would most likely be found guilty for burglary under section 9, as burglary falls under a lot more than entering a building and stealing something. It’s definition being ‘he enters a building or part of a building as a trespasser…

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  • Jimmy Valentine Research Paper

    personality in a blink of an eye? Well, that is how Jimmy Valentine became Ralph Spencer in 24 hours. Jimmy Valentine, a crook with many connections, got out of jail 38 months earlier. Valentine headed down to a small town by Elmore Arkansas where he changed every little piece of his burglary self within a day; including changing his name to Ralph Spencer. Then within a year Ralph was about to marry a daughter of a rich banker. Is it possible that Jimmy truly changed himself, or was it just…

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  • The Similarities Between The Characteristics Of A Good Burglar

    His actions deviate from typical burglar behavior as most burglars act as a team. Siegel remarks, “The good burglar must be able to team up to form a criminal gang. Choosing trustworthy companions is essential if the obstacles to completing a successful job - police, alarms, and secure safes - are to be overcome” (Siegel 387). According to Siegel, it is almost impossible to complete successful burglaries alone. The obstacles that prevent a thief from entering a house, taking valuable items, and…

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  • Theft, Cap 63 Of The Laws Of Kenya

    With regards to the above case, all the six robbers are liable for the offence robbery with violence based on two accounts. In the first instance, the culprits robbed off Mr. Munyoki his Sony television set, three desktops as well as a golden watch. In the second instance, the suspects robbed off Ananda by stealing her Samsung television set, a microwave and assorted shoes. Burglary and house breaking Under section 303 of the penal code, a person who breaks any part, either external or internal…

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  • Residential Burglars

    for respect, commitment to illicit lifestyle and denial of those who do not adhere to the code of the street. The hustler’s major purpose for using the money they obtained from burglaries was to fund a lifestyle that was centered on illicit drug use, sexual promiscuity and expensive clothing, cars and jewelry. All of which they felt was necessary to command respect on the street. “Simply put, much of their offending was directed toward obtaining the funds necessary to sustain activities that…

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  • Conspiracy Charges: Case Study

    Arthur Subject Matter: Burglary Charges "Arthur and Carl board the yacht and steal several thousand dollars worth of diamonds." Is Arthur guilty of Burglary? Rule COMMON LAW BURGLARY is the BREAKING and ENTERING of the DWELLING HOUSE of ANOTHER in the NIGHTTIME with the INTENT to COMMIT a FELONY THEREIN Modern Law Under Modern Law , a boat is a structure covered under burglary law.. "Under Modern Statue, often the requirement that the entry be accomplished by a breaking is…

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  • What Is The Rise Of Social Medi Helpful Or Harmful

    Burglary, hacking, identity theft and stalking make the list as well. When people let their friends know about their amazing vacation or date night coming up it give burglars the perfect time to strike. The door should basically be unlocked. Along with burglary, at the peak of social media in 2010 was also the peak of identity theft. Identity theft ranked the 3rd highest complaint to the authorities and the number continues to grow. 9.3 million people reported identity theft in 12 months due to…

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  • Pool House: A Dwelling Analysis

    resembles that of the main dwelling and that it is frequently used for similar purposes as the living quarters, such as eating, sitting, watching television, and hosting friends. As defined in ILCS §5/19-3, “a person commits residential burglary when he knowingly enters or remains within the dwelling place of another, or any part thereof, with the intent to commit a felony.” For the purpose of this statute, dwelling is defined as “a house, apartment, mobile home, trailer, or other living…

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  • Moving Away From Home

    worker and all his belonging were not there. Assuming that the worker had left already, my father drove me and my little sister to school. The day continue to proceed as it normally would; after driving us to school, my parents would wake up ten and go to work at eleven. At two in the afternoon, my mother came from work to pick me and my little sister up from school. Since my family was too poor to hire a nanny, my mother would drive us to the restaurant, where we would stay until eleven and the…

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