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  • The Burrito Angela Morales Analysis

    In her essay “The Burrito: A Brief History,” Angela Morales modestly narrates a few humorous encounters she and her family have had with burritos. Morales initially describes the burrito as the “food of workers,” referring to her mother’s heritage, to how embarrassed her mother was at a young age to eat a burrito in school because it was not a typical food in her surroundings. Although Morales does give emphasis to the “common” burrito, she also introduces the modified burrito and how the burrito has adapted to society and changed over the years. The author then reminisces back to her youth when her mother would give her and her siblings burritos to eat in the car during errands or while waiting for the car to be washed. Indeed, the burrito…

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  • Chipotle Bowl Thesis

    I am searching for a campus of brash, tenacious peers who will not set down their sole burrito bowls in defeat, but peers who will eat two, three—as many as humanly possible in the name of Chipotle—and challenge me as well! These are not students who listlessly prod at the same meal every day. Instead, they toss in unthinkable ingredients to create a fresh, unique twist, savoring each tiny bite of their education. Determination, persistence, innovation—these are all values I wish to contribute…

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  • Loaded Potato Griller

    The sloppiest type of employee is The Messy Mexican Pizza who is the sluggard of the crew. This employee shows up late to work on a regular basis, but rarely shows up late enough to result in his termination. Furthermore, The Messy Mexican Pizza calls in “sick” at least once a week, and his sickness is hardly every genuine. Rarely does this employee complete any of his cleaning, for he claims that he doesn’t “make enough” in order to successfully accomplish the cleaning duties assigned to him.…

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  • Burrito Persuasive Speech

    Are you a resident of Signal Hill, CA, Long Beach, CA, Carson, CA or a nearby surrounding area? Do you find yourself at home, hungry, without anything in the house that you want to eat, or no desire to cook anything. Have you found yourself racking your brain wondering, 'Where can I get food delivery near me, that isn't pizza, or Asian cuisine?', Do you crave a delicious burrito? Are you asking neighbors or friends, 'Who offers food delivery near me and has burritos?', only to come up with zero…

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  • Summary Of Chipotle Burrito Chain

    After Chipotles chain’s recent health outbreaks that sickened dozens of people, Steve Ells, Chipotle’s founder, chairman and co-CEO of the company sent his apologies and is looking to continue the changes in the organization to prevent this from happening again. To reach the public the company took different approaches by running a letter from him outlining the chain’s comprehensive food safety plan in major daily newspapers. In the Dec. 16 letter, the company hired external food safety…

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  • Case Study Of Papi's Burritos

    Management Papi’s Burritos’ is founded by Zach Smith, Bruno Matias and Juliio Baretta. Together, they have had experience in the field of culinary, business, and the fast food industry. In addition, it is their responsibility to establish, maintain and control everyday operations until the business will grow enough to allow the hire of additional employees full time. Company Ownership The founders will receive 75% of the ownership (25% each) and the remaining profit will be allocated to a…

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  • Burrito Brothers Restaurant Case Study

    Design Document Introduction: The document illustrates about Burrito Brothers restaurant program problem description, design details, implementation details and the architecture of the program. Methodology section covers problem description, considerations and limitations. Design section covers program architecture and finally results and test section covers results and unit testing. Methodology: Problem Description: Simulate and develop the program which addresses the concurrency issue of…

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  • Qdoba Persuasive Essay

    Food is such a large part of our world, its the reason we are alive. It has the power to bring us together no matter what part of the world we are from. In Corvallis, food is abundant no matter what street you turn on in town. Anything from your average american burger to sushi to vegetarian thai food, you can find it in town. I for one am not one who 's easily convinced to try new and foreign foods, but when I find something good I cant help but share it with my friends! I have always gone to…

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  • 7-Eleven Burrito Short Story

    Mood In my story 7-Eleven Burrito, I created a peaceful mood in the beginning and end of my short story using descriptive language. When Peter entered the 7-eleven shop, “Sunlight filtered through the wide shop windows, the warm cocoa odor of the coffee machine wafted through the air, and the low humming of the hot dog machine snored in the background.”(1). The use “sunlight”, “warm”, and “snore” create an idyllic atmosphere as they convey a feeling similar to waking up early in the morning…

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  • Chipotle Executive Summary

    The Business CMG, better known to its customers as Chipotle Mexican Grill, owns and operates a chain of quick and casual Mexican style food restaurants. Customers are able to create up to a 1.25 pound mission burrito from a list of ingredients including chicken, steak, free range pork, beans, rice and numerous other vegetables and salsas. Catered to the everyday American, Chipotle prides itself on fresh locally grown ingredients and naturally raised meats for their products. CMG was…

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