Bush v. Gore

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  • Judicial Activism

    Gore (2000), and the persistent uncertainty about the results of the election in Florida is a clear example. Gore petitioned for a recount, thus the local court of Florida, required the city, Palm Beach, to manually recount their ballots since voters in Florida claimed that they had problems with the state’s electronic voting machines. Due to this issue, the ballots were not properly punched, causing a large number discrepancy on who the voters wanted to vote for, and developed a distrust that some of the members of the ballot counting committee were not being honest in the tally of votes. Later, the case was turned over to the U.S. Supreme Court, and Gore was thought to be the clear win in his case that the ballots were to be manually recounted. Unfortunately, the result was in favor of Bush, and claimed that having a recount would violate his Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, stating that the federal government is to respect, maintain and uphold the legal rights of American citizens. Thus, the recount was put to halt, and made Bush immediately as president without knowing the results of the recount. From the news article, “Just How Bad Was Bush v. Gore?”, written by, on, The Atlantic, “…these Justices had said that they believed in the preëminence of states’ rights, in a narrow conception of the equal-protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, and, above all, in judicial restraint. Bush v. Gore violated those principles." The…

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  • Same Sex Marriage: The Case Of Bush V. Al Gore

    The hot topic I will be summarizing is the same-sex marriage. This video talks about two lawyers that once went against each other in the case of Bush v. Al Gore. Now there teaming up together to get same-sex marriage approved. This issue was brought up when California had passed the same-sex marriage bill. Certain people were not happy with it and sadly proposition 8 was formed. What proposition 8 is that it eliminated all same-sex couple marriage in the state of California. There was no live…

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  • Romer Vs Evans Case Study

    Romer v. Evans is a case brought to the Supreme Court by Richard G. Evans (Respondent), a gay employee of the mayor of Denver against then Governor Roy Romers, The Attorney General of Colorado, and the State of Colorado (Petitioner). The case was centered around an amendment to the state constitution that prohibited “the state of Colorado… at any level of state or local government from adopting or enforcing any law or policy which provides that homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual orientation,…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Electoral College

    should be inconsequential. The concentration of votes within a certain state should not matter because it is the total vote of the people nationally that should determine who will be president. Which state the votes come from does not matter. On the other hand, voting is one of the most important individual rights given to the people. Voting is ranked alongside the Bill of Rights. However, the Electoral College does not just diminish voting rights and disregard the phrase “one person, one vote”,…

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  • Electoral College: Should They Win Key States?

    considered the ultimate embodiment of a Representative Republic style of government. The Electors vote on behalf of the constituents within their states by typically voting in agreeance with whichever candidate wins the popular vote in the state they represent. A candidate clearly wins and the populace rejoices. However, this is not a certainty as certain states, for example California, have more Electors than several other less populous states combined. Due to this, a candidate could feasibly…

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  • Recount In Political History

    The race for the presidency in the year 2000 was very controversial. Now after watching the movie Recount it is obvious that George W. Bush illegitimately won the election. Firstly, older voters were confused on how to fill out the ballot, which ended up in a significant amount of dimpled chad that were not counted by the machines, therefore robbing thousands of people of their right to vote for the president they wished to be in office, not to mention that it may have costed Gore the…

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  • Clinton Fatigue: The Failure Of Democracy In The United States

    ruled 7-2 in Bush v Gore and reversed the verdict made by the Florida Supreme Court. The court ruled that: not all ballots were being treated equally and thus a violation of the Constitution 's 14th amendment equal protection clause, the Florida Supreme Court would be required to set up new voting practices and standards to follow in the recount. However, the justices were split 5-4 over how to solve the problem at hand. Five of the justices expressed that the initial date already set for the…

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  • Physical Abuse Case Study

    Section A. Shelli Rose Dewey, Petitioner, v. Carolyn Myles, et al., Respondents. On September 12th, 2004, Shelli Rose Dewey, a Nevada resident, called Elko County Police frantically stating that her husband, Steven Dewey, was stabbed by an unknown assailant. Upon police arrival, Dewey was moderately intoxicated. Witnesses stated that the couple had been at a nearby bar earlier in the day when the bartender asked the two to leave. Thirty minutes following their ejection from the bar, witnesses…

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  • Good Life And Bare Life: Article Analysis

    It is uncertain whether the prisoners are protected by the Constitution here since the matter was never resolved in Rasul v. Bush. She compares it to places like Puerto Rico, where the inhabitants are not quite citizens but also not aliens. In spaces like these, the Constitution is not used consistently and citizens are not fully protected by the state; they are in limbo between living good lives and living bare lives. The Supreme Court’s inability to reach a concrete decision in Rasul gives the…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Davis Guggenheim's 'An Inconvenient Truth'

    Vice-President Al Gore, is trying to make the public aware of global warming. Al Gore wants to let people know global warming is real, and is trying to persuade the world to do something about global warming. To persuade the world, Gore uses three rhetorical strategies: pathos (the use of emotions), logos (the use of facts), and ethos (the use of speaker 's authority and honesty). By using these three rhetorical strategies from Aristotle, Gore wants to persuade the world to something about…

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