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  • Anita Hill Vs Clarence Thomas Essay

    The Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomas case has been labeled as one of the most controversial cases in history. Clarence Thomas was a 43 year old judge who had just been nominated to the Supreme Court in 1991. Soon after he was nominated, Anita Hill accused him of sexual assault in the workplace during the time that they worked together at the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. As controversial as this case may have been it only hindered Clarence Thomas’ way up to the Supreme Court. The case should have been looked into more thoroughly and meticulously. Anita Hill’s declarations were not taken seriously and some even called her delusional. Clarence Thomas should not have been confirmed into the Supreme Court after these allegations were brought to everyone’s attention. The FBI investigated into Anita Hill’s accusations against Clarence Thomas. After the FBI “returned with an inconclusive report, the Senate initially decided not to pursue the report and continued with the hearings” (Clarence Thomas). The fact that they decided to set aside and not pursue the report is unethical. Sexual assault in the workplace is a serious matter and Clarence Thomas should…

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  • Analysis Of Anita Hill And The Sperm By Clarence Thomas

    Sitting Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, spiked political and social debates during his confirmation hearings in the 1990s. Justice Thomas is a conservative judge appointed by former President George H.W. Bush. (Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomas: The Backstory) Prior to his judicial appointment, Clarence Thomas was the head of U.S. Department of Education 's Office of Civil Rights in Washington and the Equal Employment Opportunities Committee, where Anita Hill worked as his subordinate.…

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  • Thurgood Marshall Observation

    13. I observed that even though women groups were concerned about Clarence Thomas ruling against legal abortion during the first few court hearings when Thomas was asked about abortion he didn't even have an opinion on it. 14.I observed that Anita Hill a professor a law professor from the University of Oklahoma accused Clarence Thomas of sexually harassing her when they worked together. 15. I observed after many hearings of the Clarence Thomas, and Anita Hill case in front of the Senate…

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  • School Discrimination Case Essay

    If separate was equal, why were blacks putting their lives on the line for fight for desegregation? It was simple answer, because separate couldn’t be equal. Segregation made one race become inferior and another race become superior. For instance, as a poor black child suffering during this time, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote on his book My Grandfather’s Son “I began to fear that I would never climb out from under the crushing weight of segregation. No matter how hard I worked or how smart I…

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  • Supreme Discomfort By Clarence Thomas Analysis

    Attempting to comprehend the High Court’s most contentious and complicated figure, Clarence Thomas, is not a feat many would be able to undertake, yet such is the exact endeavour both Supreme Discomfort by Kevin Merida and Michael A. Fletcher and Dean Martha Minow of Harvard Law School wished to engage in. Be that as it may, the conceptualization of a man whose image is riddled with contradictory politics, sexual harassment allegations, and a bitter-sweet public response, was different across…

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  • Honesty In Sports

    others cannot get into. Justice Sonia Sotomayor does make an excellent point when she points out that “race-conscious programs in the 1970s that opened the Ivy League to minorities were essential to her rise from the Bronx housing projects to her admissions to Princeton and Yale Law School.” Affirmative action did wonderful things for those who wanted to succeed right after the civil rights movement, but now that the United States has progressed so much things have changed. By still giving…

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  • Monsanto Bias

    Food Inc. suggests that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas influenced the decision on the Pioneer Hi-Bred International v. J.E.M Ag Supply case, and that he was biased because he was a former employee of Monsanto. Once again, further investigation on this situation shows that this relationship not one worth considering when bashing the government and Monsanto. Justice Thomas did work for Monsanto, in the 1970s, when the company was not a seed business and had nothing to do with biotechnology.…

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  • Grutter V. Bollinger Case Analysis

    They also said, “[b]y definition, a diversity based program cannot be overbroad. Its goal is not meant to provide proportional compensation for prior wrongs (Higginbotham and Bergin). The defense law team for Bollinger argued in front of the court stating, “enrolling a ‘critical mass’ of underrepresented minority students was ‘necessary’ as to realize the educational benefits of a diverse student body” (Anderson). A majority decision was made and Justice Sandra O’Connor wrote the majority…

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  • Chief Justice Rehnquist: The Case Of Miranda V. Arizonia

    Chief Justice Rehnquist was appointed by Richard Nixon, in part as a response to the Warren Court’s liberal streak, which he used as a campaign issue. During his confirmation he was met with controversy as it became apparent he in fact disagreed with the precedent set in Borwn v. Board of Education. As an associate Justice he began as states’ rights advocate, which often not only placed Rehnquist not only in the minority, but as a lone dissenter. As time wore on the Court began to become more…

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  • Romer Vs Evans Case Study

    Romer v. Evans is a case brought to the Supreme Court by Richard G. Evans (Respondent), a gay employee of the mayor of Denver against then Governor Roy Romers, The Attorney General of Colorado, and the State of Colorado (Petitioner). The case was centered around an amendment to the state constitution that prohibited “the state of Colorado… at any level of state or local government from adopting or enforcing any law or policy which provides that homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual orientation,…

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