Electoral College

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  • The Electoral College Process

    Established by the Founding Fathers in the Articles, particularly Article II, Section I, of the U.S. Constitution. The Electoral College is a process that is used for electing a President and Vice President of the United States. The Founding Fathers made this compromise for wanting the President elected by Congress and those who wanted direct election by the people. The process of the Electoral College includes the selection of electors, the gathering of electors when and where they vote for President and Vice President and the calculation of the electoral votes, which is done by Congress. In comparison, each state has as many electors in the Electoral College as it has Representatives and Senators in the U.S. Congress, District of Columbia…

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  • Electoral College Is Unfair

    System of Voting The Electoral College is the system of voting that the United States of America uses to elect its President. The Electoral College is also used to elect the Vice President of the United States of America. Every four years in America the time comes when its citizens cast in their votes for who they want as their future President. But the Electoral College does not depend on the popular vote, it depends on the votes of officials in each state. The Electoral College is unfair as it…

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  • The Importance Of The Electoral College

    nation’s vote. A fraction of it is for the third party candidates, but it will still go to one of the two major candidates. In addition, as included, the Electoral College elects the next president even if that individual failed to win the popular vote. Thus, as was also stated, makes an illusion of democracy. For instance, probably the most famous case regarding Electoral College bias was the 2000 election between former President George W. Bush and Al Gore, in which even the Supreme Court got…

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  • Electoral College Function

    For hundreds of years, we have used the electoral vote rather than the popular vote when we have had to select a president and vice president. In this essay, we will be examining the structure and function of the Electoral College, comparing the Electoral College to the popular vote and assessing the value of the individual citizen’s vote under the Electoral College system. The Electoral College was created in 1787. The reason, the Electoral College was created, was to give the power of electing…

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  • The Importance Of The Electoral College

    The Electoral College has been part of the United States government since 1787. The framers of the Constitution debated on options of how a President is elected for office; in which was discussed and established during the constitutional Convention of 1787. Its purpose is for each member in the college to represent the people from of a State equally in a manner that is just. The Electoral College was created to prevent a single presidential candidate to gain advantage based on public popularity,…

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  • The Failure Of The Electoral College

    The Electoral College When the founding fathers wrote the constitution, there was conflict on who would determine the president of the United States. While, some believed the President should be elected by Congress, others believed that it should be popular vote by citizens. Hence, the Electoral College was established as a compromise. Conversely, the concept of the Electoral College wasn’t introduced in the Constitution until the 12th Amendment. According to BOOK TITLE the Electoral College is,…

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  • Abolition Of The Electoral College

    like Hillary Clinton to call for the abolition of the electoral college claiming that, "In a democracy, we should respect the will of the people and to me, [and] that means it 's time to do…

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  • Electoral College Benefits

    human, they are all in place to protect the rightsholder. Protecting rights is a major idea that the founding fathers had in mind when declaring their independence. The electoral college is a rarely understood establishment, that provides rights to all voters in America, while protecting the states as well. Due to a low informed population, conflict has arisen between whether or not it still remains necessary after so many years. The United States must keep the electoral college as it is a…

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  • Electoral College Advantages

    The Electoral College is the voting method used in the United States to elect the president. This system has been in use since its implementation in 1777. Although it has never been reformed or abolished many people believe that the Electoral College is a much to complicated and unfair system to be used to elect the president. Additionally many argue that the same system that is used for every other election in the country should be used to elect the president. The reasons for the electoral…

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  • Electoral College Abolished

    Title: The Electoral College is Failing and should be Abolished Every four years, Americans elect a president and vice-president. Voters are not given the rights to vote directly for the presidential candidates.They actually vote for an elector in their respective state, who had pledged to cast a ballot on voters’ behalf in the election that actually chooses the president. This voting system is called the Electoral College. In the Electoral College system, different In states are allotted with…

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