Voting system

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  • The Voting System

    The system by which the United States of America operates its elections under is one based upon that of the Declaration of Independence. As such the ideals behind the system were kept in the minds of 18th century culture; the dissemination of information about current politics was not effective, in comparison to that of today’s media. Thus, a gap of information was present between the average people of the new America and that of those in the political world. As such the need for a system of election with checks of power and information was required. The system the first politicians of America created is much the same as it is today. A two-party system, mainly the Democrat and the Republican party, affects the mindset of voters in a huge way,…

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  • Voting System In America

    As a democratic government, voting is the foundation of the American government and in extension, the American way of life in general. Voting is considered so important that that it is mentioned in four Constitutional Amendments. These "four separate Amendments – the 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th, even use the same powerful language to protect it: 'The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged ...," (Donnelly). The question is however, are new voting laws…

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  • American Voting System

    voters the severity and the importance of our vote and out voice. In time, I do not double the younger generation will push our government to make changes for our future. Voting in American seems to always have obstacles to change and over come for the people. It’s unfortunate that Western Europe has a larger turn out than the Untied States does, however when the reasons as to why there is a lower turn out, it tells a sad truth to the flaws in our voting system. In our Souther States, “[we]…

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  • Voting System Unfair

    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ~Martin Luther King Jr. Because this statement is true, concerned citizens should not remain silent about the injustice of the current voting system of the United States. There are many problems with the United States voting system, but the most evident problem is its lack of fairness. The current U.S. voting system is unfair. One reason the U.S. voting system is unfair is the Electoral College. The Electoral College Isn’t…

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  • Voting System In Canada

    under a free electoral system. Frequently seen as right rather than an obligation, not all citizens take part in the election. Therefore, not making an appearance can dramatically effect our political system causing an unfair election. Other countries to avoid unfair democracy have obtained for compulsory voting; eg. Brazil, Australia and Austria. This essay defines our current voting system, analyzes the compulsory system and the new government’s proposal. Closing with what Canadian citizens…

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  • Proportional Voting System

    In Australia, there is currently a dual electoral system. In the House of Representatives (lower house), there are 150 single-member seats with preferential voting (Find source). However in the Senate (upper house), there is a single-transferable proportional vote (STV) for each multi-member state (Find source). The proportional representation electoral system is believed to, according to Duverger’s Law, lead to a multi-party system (Find source). Despite this, the Australian House of…

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  • Opportional Voting System

    be delegated by a party-list proportional representation system of elections, is necessary to enhance the democratic elements of the United States Government: particularly voter turnout, the creation of more political parties, and a more diverse electorate . Currently, the “Past the Post” style of elections in the United States has tainted the American democracy, and it is time that the country be required to move to a more democratic style of elections. With the passage of the newly proposed…

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  • The Decline Of The Voting System

    interest. Electoral systems are a detailed constitutional arrangements. Voting systems convert the votes from the people into a political decision. Elections are in many forms of government, focusing on the different election system by looking at pre-2010 OECD member countries in the dissertation. Hence all elections vary around the world, even though countries…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Voting System

    open election and voting system for the most powerful position in our nation. The ability for each citizen to cast a vote for who they believe to be the most qualified or best suited to be the President of the United States is the quintessential definition of our freedoms. One of the biggest concerns for both candidates as well as the Federal Government during the 2017 Campaign has been the alleged hacking and cyber melding of the databases and electoral systems. The current speculation that…

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  • The Four Types Of Voting Systems

    numerous types of political systems that are used to determine the leadership within the government of a nation. Not all nations are alike in the ways that the winner is ultimately decided. The reasons for holding elections are simple. In a society, people have differences of opinion. Within countries there are millions, if not hundreds of millions of people who hold opinions of their own. In order to fairly elect leaders and vote on decisions it is necessary to have organized voting systems. In…

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