The Importance Of Voting In America

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As a Democrat, I must say this election was a huge let down for myself and I feel for this country, however, I do believe that because of the turn of for this election year, American has sparked a flame under make voters and unregistered voters the severity and the importance of our vote and out voice. In time, I do not double the younger generation will push our government to make changes for our future.

Voting in American seems to always have obstacles to change and over come for the people. It’s unfortunate that Western Europe has a larger turn out than the Untied States does, however when the reasons as to why there is a lower turn out, it tells a sad truth to the flaws in our voting system. In our Souther States, “[we] have more poverty
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For starters, I really think that social class has a huge impact on the United States voting turn out. To give a first hand example, my boyfriend is 25 years old and has never voted nor is he registered to vote, in turn, his father is about 47 and has not voted to my knowledge as well. Now my boyfriend does not come from a family whom his poor, but his father never finished high school nor went to college. I think not having proper education greatly affects how our voting turn out becomes affected. As stated in We the People perfectly, “they have the financial resources and communication skills that encourage participation and make it personally rewarding” (224). If a person doesn’t understand how politics work, how much the president affects their daily lives, and they feel so sense of pride after voting, it can become all to easy to brush off. They aren’t having active conversation with other peers and aren’t challenging what is wrong with our country nor good. Not only that, they mostly likely aren’t surrounded by other people who also aren’t talking about politics. This example also has the same connection with civic attitude, which plays a role as to why americans aren’t going out to vote. If you parent’s aren’t involved in politics or voting or aren’t discussing it, then their children have a less likely hood of being exposed to it, or even being open to having discussion about voting with

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