Inequality In Elections Essay

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Inequality in the Elections

Do elections actually represent the United States populace? Given the fact that a lot of people do not vote, I do not believe it does. People who have the right to vote have been declining in voter activity with occasional spikes around presidential elections. Why are people not voting and is it really affecting outcome? People of certain ages, gender, ethnicity, and education have a tendency to vote in a certain way that makes the two party system struggle for equal standing. As a general rule voting rates are higher during presidential elections than in congressional elections. An example in the 2014 congressional election had about forty-two percent of the voting populace active and in the 2012 presidential
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In the United States only about forty percent of african americans voted and about twenty-seven percent of hispanics. Caucasians led with about a forty-six percent voting average.The biggest factor in the minorities lack of voting tends to be based on education. It is proven that voting and registration rates tend to increase with education. In 2014 the voting rate for citizens with a bachelor 's degree or higher was about fifty-six percent, where as those without a high school diploma was twenty-two percent. Education also dictates what kinds of jobs you can have, which also determines whether or not you can take the time to go …show more content…
It seems odd to focus on needing license to vote in person when most votes will be done online if trends continue. Another common way is duplicate voting, which typically is done by an individual that votes in two different districts or states a lot of times using absentee ballots. Another interesting one is registration fraud which can happen in multiple ways. A person can have you signing a petition to convict child molesters more harshly and it actually be an absentee ballot. It can also occur when you use false paper work such as birth certificates. We even have people who buy votes which is fraudulent and the occasional ineligible voters that attempt to participate, but honestly you could count up all these cases and it would be under a thousand

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