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  • Personal Narrative: The Day I Go Back In America

    I was in the Dallas area as an exchange student. I was watching a tv in a coffee shop, and the unthinkable happened. For weeks before the incident happened, tensions between the Japanese government and the Chinese based conglomerate, Black Canyon Research, had been escalating rapidly. They had an experimental research facility in Osaka, Japan. They were testing an experimental gas for warfare that was supposedly 25 times more powerful than VX nerve gas, and 200 times more powerful than Sarin gas. Employees had reported that the containment tanks were leaking. The government had shown up and told them to shut down their research and destroy all the gas, but they didn't. They finally hired mercenaries to keep the Japanese government away. It was to the point that the scientists and staff couldn't leave the building. Then I woke…

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  • Chemical Warfare Weapons

    It’s interesting to see the progression of weapons from the early beginnings to now. Most people believe that chemical warfare agents were first introduced during the World Wars. Interestingly enough, the concepts of these agents were developed as early as 600 B.C. They weren’t known as chemical warfare agents however; the techniques that were used mimic the action of these agents that are being used today. During the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens, the Spartan army used a mixture…

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  • Air Force Observation Essay

    What are the x and y components of acceleration when the projectile is in motion? Call y positive upwards. The x component of acceleration is zero because projectiles have a constant velocity, resulting in no horizontal acceleration. The y component of acceleration is a constant -9.8 m/s2 in relation to the gravitational force acting on the projectile. Why does the x component of velocity remain constant? The x component of velocity remains constant because since the horizontal acceleration is…

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  • Linear Equations Lab Report

    hypotenuse, and the cosine of an angle, in a triangle, equals the adjacent side over the hypotenuse. The variable x now equals the x-position of the circle ', which is now called px(t), and the variable y now equals the y-position of the circle, which is now called py(t). Next, we take the derivative of both the px(t) and py(t). It is necessary to take the derivatives and find the velocities in order to determine the future equation of the ball leaving the arm. The derivative of px(t) will be…

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  • Duck Hunting: The Principle Of Conservation Of Momentum

    By plugging in the values for v and θ, we get a value of 14.25 m/s for vx. A similar procedure is used to find the y-component of the velocity vector, which is given by: v ⃗_y=v ⃗ sin⁡θ (4) Where vy represents the y component of the velocity vector in m/s, v is the velocity vector’s magnitude in m/s, and θ is the angle formed between the velocity vector v and the x-axis. Again, we plug in the appropriate values for v and θ, and we get a value of 8.23 m/s for vy. Armed with these values, we can…

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  • Lorentz Transformation Equation Essay

    length contraction, we consider measuring the time duration of a process in the object which is stationary in the moving frame, but we wish to transform the starting and ending times of the process to the stationary frame. Since the object is stationary in the moving frame, x1' = x2' where x1' and x2' are the starting and ending positions of the object in the moving reference frame. We need a transform that will let us use the fact that x1' = x2' and also relates t1'and t2' to t1 and t2. That…

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  • Leftist Groups In South Africa

    Project Coast, like most countries’ chemical weapons programs, had initially focused on the development of standard chemical weapons for use as a last resort in military action, producing stores of lethal CX powder and mustard gas, nerve agents such as VX, irritant riot control agents like CS gas, as well as various anticholinergic deliriants. However, the circumstances of apartheid-era South Africa engendered a need for a focus on non-lethal agents as well. With internal dissent amongst the…

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  • Media's Role In Foreign Policy Summary

    Iraq. Truth be told, the attack on Iraq was based on bad intelligence as the President and his inner circle are deemed to have acted independently. Emerging reports indicate that Iraq posed no terror threat to the United States. David (n. p,) argues that the Presidency served in reverse or provided a foggier picture to what the intelligence reports indicated. For example, President Bush claimed that the British government had learned that Saddam Hussein had obtained significant quantities of…

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  • Chemical Warfare: A Controversial Threat

    and perfluoroisobutylene (PFIB) 10 times more lethal than phosgene and was also prepared by Russia (Morgan). These types of gas were used in both WW1 and WW2 and were classified as being “unconventional” because they don’t rely on a force to injure or kill. Some of the most well-known agents include chocking agents, blister agents, blood agents and nerve agents. Within the chocking agents also known as pulmonary, the most popular are chlorine (Cl2) and phosgene (CCl2O). Mustard gas or Sulfur…

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