Air Force Observation Essay

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Observations & Discussion
I observed that the results for the simulated launch of each object conducted without air resistance produced the same results as every other object. This was due to the fact that air resistance takes into account the mass and diameter of each object tested, so the results with this aspect differ greatly from one object to the next. I observed that when air resistance is considered, the lighter an object is or if its diameter is small, the object tends to travel farther than its heavier and wider counterparts. This is due to the forces acting on the object like gravity.
I found that there was hardly any uncertainty in the results of the simulation without air resistance, however, the results of the test
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What are the x and y components of acceleration when the projectile is in motion? Call y positive upwards.

The x component of acceleration is zero because projectiles have a constant velocity, resulting in no horizontal acceleration.
The y component of acceleration is a constant -9.8 m/s2 in relation to the gravitational force acting on the projectile.
Why does the x component of velocity remain constant?
The x component of velocity remains constant because since the horizontal acceleration is 0, then the x component of velocity (horizontal velocity) must be constant. The expression for horizontal velocity at any time is vx=c, and as you can see, there are no variables in the expression that change over time, so we can say that its value is always a constant.
Why does the y component of velocity change in time?
The y component of velocity changes in time due to the constant value of acceleration caused by gravity that is present on the projectile. The expression for vertical velocity at any time is vy=v0 (sin θ0)-gt, and as you can see, the value of the y component varies over time due to the fact that we must accommodate the presence of the time variable in accordance to

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