Chemical warfare

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  • World War I: Chemical Warfare

    The weaponry of World War I proclaimed the dawning of a new era of human conflict. The days of honorable combat were replaced with weapons of mass casualties such as machine guns and explosives of catastrophic proportions. But these tools of death paled in comparison to the horrors of chemical warfare. Poison gases removed the enemy, replacing him with a faceless horror that more resembled the superstitions and ghosts of the Dark Ages than the newest scientific advantages of the 20th century. From the personal accounts surrounding the first gas attack of World War I and subsequent relevant studies, it is evident that chemical weapons were far more lethal psychologically than physically. In the spring of 1915, the second battle of Ypres,…

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  • Chemical Warfare: A Controversial Threat

    Chemical Warfare: An “Unconvential” threat Throughout the history of war, techniques and use of weapons in warfare have been improved over the years. Although some weapons and certain techniques are entirely new, the use of certain weapons such as Chemical Warfare have been around since WW1. Many have thought of Chemical Weapons as being too dangerous while others think it is necessary and essential to modern warfare. What threats does Chemical warfare pose to soldiers and civilians around the…

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  • Chemical Warfare Weapons

    interesting to see the progression of weapons from the early beginnings to now. Most people believe that chemical warfare agents were first introduced during the World Wars. Interestingly enough, the concepts of these agents were developed as early as 600 B.C. They weren’t known as chemical warfare agents however; the techniques that were used mimic the action of these agents that are being used today. During the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens, the Spartan army used a mixture of…

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  • The Importance Of Chemical Warfare

    What is chemical warfare and why should we care about it? Chemical warfare is the use of toxins as a devastating weapon. So devastating that it falls under the WMD’s or weapon(s) of mass destruction. Although chemical weapons aren 't as prolific as during the WW1, they still pose a real threat. The most recent case and point is in Syria when they used chemical weapons on their own civilians after they were told by the OPCW to destroy them ( But…

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  • Essay On Chemical Warfare Service

    The Chemical Warfare Service The lessons learned from the involvement of the United States in World War I would identify the need for a military organization that specialized in Chemical Warfare. The use of chemical weapons was one of the most deadly and effective tactics experienced by both sides during the trench-style warfare. Due to the concern that the chemical weapon strategies of the First World War would continue on in future armed conflicts, the United States Army created the Gas…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Chemical Warfare

    Terror: Chemical Weapons and Why They Should Not Be Implemented in the Warzones of Today While reading the stimulus materials provided for us, I came across the article “The Secret Life of Plants” by Ferris Jabr. He spoke of how some plants and parasites are able to detect each other with chemicals. “And at least one parasitic plant homes in on its host’s telltale chemical scent” (Jabr, 48). When I read this article I thought of how the plants use chemicals offensively. I realized that humans…

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  • Chemical Warfare

    of war gases such as chlorine, phosgene, and mustard created a new and complex public health threat that endangered not only soldiers and civilians on the battlefield but also chemical workers on the homefront involved in the large-scale manufacturing processes. The main reason for the effectiveness of the first chlorine attack was that the troops on the receiving end did not know what they were facing. As the green-tinged cloud washed over them and the chemical began taking effect, panic…

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  • Chemical Warfare In Vietnam War Essay

    During the Vietnam war, Chemical Warfare was used on the enemy, particularly with agent orange to which was used tactically and caused many negative effects for veterans and the Vietnamese. Agent orange was a chemical used in the Vietnam war that caused deforestation, hurt crops, and disabled veterans. The creator of agent orange was Monsanto who created the chemical designed for the U.S. Department of Defence to deforest the area and take out the crops so they could fight and weaken the…

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  • Aspects Of The Chemical Weapon

    Economic aspect of the Chemical Weapon In order to obtain chemical weapons, each country needed to face the problem of finding the source of raw material available in their country, the manufacture of raw material and, the transportation and training of human forces that would be used in time of war. The economic aspects of the chemical weapon are extensive, but we confine it to the study of the acquisition of raw materials. The Allies and the acquisition of raw materials In the middle of June…

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  • Impact Of Technology In Ww1

    World War I introduced to the world many new articles to the field of technology. Although technology today is more advanced than in WWI, technology thrived during WWI to meet the ever changing needs of the crisis, accordingly, WWI had a big impact on the technology in the present. World War I pushed for headways in the realm of medicinal services, made new strategies for offense and guard, and finally, affected the innovation of the present day. The introduction of prosthetics helped give…

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