Biological warfare

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Biological Warfare

    Man has used biological weapons such as poisons for assassinating enemies for hundreds of years. Since the beginning of time, biological warfare has been a preferred method to annihilate populations at a time. Biological warfare, also known as germ warfare, is described as using biological agents like bacteria, viruses and fungi as biological weapons on a large scale to defeat the enemy. The main intention of such is to cause casualties by the medium of air, water, cattle or crops. The history of biological warfare and terrorism goes back to the dawn of civilization. (1) The instances of the use of biological weapons can be found as early as in ancient times such as the Trojan War, or the Sacred War of Greece. Although this type of warfare…

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  • American Biological Warfare In 1763

    How American Biological Warfare Began in 1763 Biological warfare might appear as a notion straight out of fiction novels such as, “Project Blue” from Stephen King’s The Stand, or the plague, “Pale Mare” from George R. R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons, but in America, it is a concept that has been utilized since the denouement of The French and Indian War. Although, in American history, the year 1763 is often associated with the conclusion of the Seven Years’ War and the conception of Pontiac’s…

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  • Synthesis Essay

    There are many ways of getting sick such as airborne, touching someone. For a long time this is how people have gotten a cold or chicken pox. As medicine is readily available to aid in the recovery of an illness. Viruses can become resistant to medicine just as our bodies could resist to some sicknesses. In the book Biological Terrorism by Steve Goodwin and Randall W. Phillis they present a history of microorganism used to help cure diseases and misused by Medics, and biological warfare. To…

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  • Biological Weapons During The Cold War

    Use of biological weapons may have seemed like child’s play compared to the looming threat of total nuclear war, but it had more precedence during the era than one would expect. Although biological weapons are overshadowed by nuclear warfare concerns, they were and can be significant threats and assets to America’s national security. Biological weapons are known for their inconspicuousness and effectiveness, yet their lethalness is still overlooked…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Globalization?

    involvement in Al-Qaeda to future technological advancements in the year 2026. I begin by showing the progression of technology following events such as 9/11, focusing primarily on warfare and the different technology that changes the field, followed by future projections of technology in 2026 and how this will shape future military training styles, society, geopolitical factors, transportation, and so on. This is followed by ramifications as well as benefits caused by technological…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Biological Weapon

    Abstracts: This paper is to explain what a biological weapon is and how it affects environment, humans, and the economy. Along with explaining how the disease is spread from person to person, promoting illness. With a little bit of history on biological weapons, and my views on biological weapons. A biological weapon is also known as a germ weapon. This is when bacteria, viruses, fungi, or toxins can be used as a weapon against, animals, plants of humans. The use of infectious agents were used…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Anthrax

    vaccine he had created with weakened anthrax bacteria (Sowards, 2015). He did not vaccinate the other group of 25 animals, the control group (Soawrds, 2015). From there, Pasteur injected both groups on animals with live anthrax bacteria and all of the vaccinated animals survived while the unvaccinated animals died” (Sowards, 2015). It is important to note, that it is believed by some that French veterinarian Jean Joseph Henri Toussaint actually created the first anthrax vaccine (Sowards, 2015).…

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  • Long Term Effects Of Biological Weapons

    different CBRN agents and weapons. One of the most dangerous categories of CBRN are biological weapons. Biological weapons are multi-faceted and can cause various levels of damage. Agroterrorism is a form of biological warfare. This kind of terrorism is very dangerous to a countries way of life. Where other forms of warfare will kill people near the attack a biological attack can not only make people fall ill but also have significant long term effects. An agroterrorism attack on cattle and…

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  • Anthrax Essay

    anthrax, showing an effective rate of 92.5% (CDC, 2016). This vaccine only became available for goat hair mill workers, after the study was done. Finally, we proceed to the 1970s, where an updated version of the anthrax vaccine became available. This 1970s vaccine is still used to this day (CDC, 2013). Biological warfare and bioterrorism are best associated with anthrax. During World War I, anthrax was used as an act of aggression for the first time. An effort was made in 1925 to limit the…

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  • Terrorist Attacks

    These common symptoms can be ignored or mistaken for something illnesses. There are agents that can cause infections that can be fatal if contracted. Biological and chemical agents were used years before during war times. During the First World War the German army was the first to have believe used weapons of mass destruction biological and chemical. In these years their attacks were on a small scale with biological weapons during this time due to the lack of technology. About eight years ago…

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