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  • Oceanography: An Introduction To The Marine Environment

    Much of the ocean has still been unexplored, but the parts that we have explored have allowed us to see something nearly unbelievable for the first time: fish that naturally light up! In fact, many different types of creatures that live in the water light up: squid, eel, jellyfish, which can be seen to the right in figure one, and many various species of fish have the ability to do such. The ability, called bioluminescence, is defined as “ the emission of light from living organisms”, according to Merriam-Webster. More informally, it is considered the ability where a creature, which can live either on or off-land, can produce their own light. Some insects, such as glow worms, can make themselves light up at will. A more common example of…

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  • Quantum Dots Essay

    visualised1-3. These nano particles have high size-tunability, once illuminated, different emission wavelength can be obtained by manipulating the size of dots3. Inorganic QDs are made up of two components, an atom-cluster core with selenium or cadmium, and a shell made of inorganic materials. The inorganic shell has ability to cross-link with larger organic particles such as peptides and DNA, assuring their application in biotechnical field, such as biological tags and bio-imaging sources2.…

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  • Deep Ocean Essay

    This means that bioluminescence is the only source of light, which affects the vision of the organisms that live in the deep ocean. Because it is harder, if not impossible, to see in the deep ocean, it is a lot more difficult to find mates, avoid predators, and find food. To survive, many organisms have changed their colour over time to blend in with the darkness to avoid predators, or developed bioluminescence to find prey and for defence. Some organisms may even have developed larger eyes or…

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  • Lucy Sees The Mirror

    observation of the moment, as appropriate. Most would recognise the mirror as smashed glass. She is able to see the beauty even in unprepossessing moments. Lucy sees 'her own miniaturised face retreat and disappear' through the bits of smashed mirror. Even though she is fascinated by the shiny glass, it would be seen as preposterous that she would think of such a thing when a man is dead. In Lucy's 'special things seen 'she states that an elephant had ran amuck and was show down. After reading…

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  • E. Coli Lab Report

    beta-lactamase (penicillinase), allows the bacteria to inactivate ampicillin when introduced into E.coli’s DNA. Thus, giving E.coli the ability to live and replicate itself when the antibiotic is present (Alberte et al, 2014). The plasmid Lux is made up of the lux operon, which contains several genes that are treated as one transcription unit. The enzyme which codes for the lux operon, known as luciferase catalyzes the light-emitting reaction that is brought by luciferins, a substrate made by…

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  • Alibrio Ficheri Lab Report

    A. fischeriThe overall purpose of this study was to create a genomic library of Aliivibrio fischeri (A. fischeri) thus aiding in creating a restriction map of the lux operon. It also employs typical molecular techniques important for biologists to understand. In this portion of the lab, the chromosomal DNA (chDNA) will be isolated. Its purity will be measured using spectrophotometric analysis. Lastly, the DNA will be digested and verified via gel electrophoresis. A. fischeri is a gram…

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  • E. Colo Cell Lab Report

    For the other agar plates, here is what should have been seen: the agar plate containing the pUC18 plasmid (Fig 2: top left) should have had similar results to the agar plate containing the lux plasmid (Fig 2: middle right), meaning there should have been both lawn and colonial growth, minus the chance of bioluminescence. When in reality, the agar plates taken from the experiment did reveal colonial growth but for the wrong reason. The growth seen in this agar plate (Fig 2: top left) was of…

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  • Star And Sun Research Paper

    - Living organisms can manipulate when they illuminate by managing their chemistry and mind forms upon on their prompt needs, whether it’s a supper or a mate - Majority of bioluminescence produced in the ocean is in the form of a bluish-green light - This is because of hues being shorter wavelengths of light, which can go through (and therefore be seen) in both shallow and vast water - Light going from the sun of longer wavelengths, for example, red light doesn 't achieve the cavernous ocean -…

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  • Implications Of Biotechnology In Biotechnology

    (Raven et al., 2014). The bacterium that is commonly used in molecular biology laboratories and that was used for this experiment is Escherichia coli, or E.coli for short. The present study was performed in order to transform E.coli into an antibiotic-resistant bacteria by introducing a plasmid, lux and pUC18, containing a gene for the resistance to Ampicillin. It was hypothesized that the E. coli exposed to a lux and pUC18 (control) plasmid DNAs, containing a gene for antibiotic resistance,…

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  • The Importance Of Microbes In Human Welfare

    environment in any way. Bio pesticides: Pests are a threat to crop quality and crop yield. Bio pesticides are a suitable substitute for chemical pesticides. Bio pesticides are composed of microbes that have ability or producing weed-killer enzymes. These enzymes kill the weeds without harming the environment. They can also prevail in environment and kill weeds for long. Therefore, bio pesticides are a good option for farmers to increase crop yield. Reporter Microbial Proteins: Approximately…

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