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  • Characteristics Of Multimodal Biometric Face And Biometric Recognition

    CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW Multimodal biometric face and fingerprint recognition using XOR configuration system based on adaptive principal component analysis and multilayer perception. Multimodal biometric is a combination of physiological and behavioral characteristics into a single biometric system. The important cause to combine singular traits is to get improve recognition rate and accurate result. This is done when feature and trait of biometric are statistically independent. The other reasons to combine biometric is that different traits are more appropriate in different situations. For banking application, a customer might enroll using face and fingerprint or voice. Fingerprint can be used for a laptop sensor while face and…

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  • Blood Stained Tee Shirt Case Study Answers

    Blood Stained Tee Shirt Collection of item: I would wear disposable latex gloves to packaged the blood stained tee shirt into a plastic or airtight container. I would store it in a cool location until it was delivered to the laboratory. Processing of item: 2. Handprint on car Collection of item: I would apply powder to the location of the handprint and then I would lift it with a broad piece of adhesive tape. I would place the tape on a properly labeled card that provides a good…

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  • Biometrics Recognition Essay

    What is biometrics recognition? If you dissect the word “Biometrics” you get “Bio” stand for life and “Metrics” which is measurment. Biometrics recognition is the science that is able to identify your speech, fingerprints, movement, and even your face. There are many different uses for biometric software; Police records use fingerprints to create a profile for people to be referred to. Speech recognition is more commonly seen in smartphone devices. The main purpose for biometrics is to easier…

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  • Human Gait Recognition

    Gait recognition is a kind of biometric technology that can be used to monitor people or recognize known persons and classify unknown subjects. It is a particular way of walking on foot and its aims is to discriminate individuals by the way they walk. Gait is less unobtrusive biometric, non-contact, perceivable at a distance and hard to disguise where these properties makes it so attractive. The existing Gait representations capture both motion and appearance information which are sensitive to…

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  • Advantages Of Facial Recognition

    agencies use to fight the criminals is technology. We live in an era of technology where law enforcement can be a step ahead of the criminals. One groundbreaking weapon they use is Facial Recognition. I think it is an important criminal justice issue that criminals are sometimes a step ahead of law enforcement. But with this. Technology, law enforcement can be a step ahead of them What is Facial Recognition, and What Does It Do? Facial recognition is under the category of biometrics. Biometrics…

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  • Arduino UNO Lab Analysis

    This section describes the algorithm used for traffic light and road sign detection. It also provides the hardware components used to provide output. In the proposed system, initially input image was obtained in RGB form and converted to gray scale and finally to binary images. This said to be pre-processing of images. Then filtering was performed for removal of noise from images. Color of traffic light was detected based on threshold values. Hough transform was done for the detection of shape…

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  • Biometric Patient Identification

    Biometric Patient Identification Systems. For proper management of any healthcare facility, efficient management and maintenance of a comprehensive patient database is crucial. With the evolution of technology, management of a manual patient database is no longer tenable. Therefore, many healthcare facilities have resorted to more technologically oriented, faster, accurate and efficient systems of patient management. Key among these patient management systems has been biometric patient…

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  • Identification And Synthesis Essay

    the part that very important in the iris template meanwhile, the particles in PSO searches the most optimal crypt features in the iris. The results indicate an improvement of PSNR rates, which is 23.886 dB and visually improved quality of crypts for iris identification. The significance of this study contributes to a new method of feature extraction using bio-inspired, which enhanced the ability of detection in iris identification. Keywords: iris identification, crypts, PSO, iris, bio-inspired.…

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  • M-Commerce Security Case Study

    Better results can be attained by the follows: A.) Secure mobile devices- the device must be trusted and be safe to accomplish transactions without the anxiety of infection or theft. Maximize authentication measures by using private keys and digital certificates. Enforce biometric security verification can be significant to protect devices. Next, having more efficient CPUs can be a progress to enable encryption technology in computers to be used on mobile devices. Also, having an updated…

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  • Face Recognition Biometrics

    Slide 1 - INTRODUCTION This powerpoint presentation will define biometrics and present the argument for implementing authentication biometrics as an additional security measure for the organization. The presentation will evaluate each of the listed methods identifying the pros and cons of each system. Additionally, information regarding the costs associated with implementation and maintenance, and the error rate of each will be included in this presentation. Security authorization and…

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