How Does Technology Affect Globalization?

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An evolving industrialized nation can sprout both negative and positive effects. Technology continues to progress through time and evolve our species, but its triumphs can bring chaos when put into the hands of an immoral individual. For example, Richard Reid, also known as the infamous “Shoe-Bomber”, used his expertise with technology to craft an improvised explosive device (IED) to attempt to kill 197 passengers on American Airlines Flight 63 (Shoe bomber NBC). Technology continues to adapt and evolve making the need for an understanding of globalization and how technology primarily causes it, crucial. Globalization essentially takes the world and shrinks it into a village, using technology to reduce the boundaries of this planet and making distance …show more content…
involvement in Al-Qaeda to future technological advancements in the year 2026. I begin by showing the progression of technology following events such as 9/11, focusing primarily on warfare and the different technology that changes the field, followed by future projections of technology in 2026 and how this will shape future military training styles, society, geopolitical factors, transportation, and so on. This is followed by ramifications as well as benefits caused by technological advancements. The US Bureau provides statistical data that displays costs from current, past, and future estimations of general science, space, and other technology expenses. These costs show the importance we as a nation place on technology and science while also presenting the increasing cost of these advancements. While continued industrialization of a nation could prove beneficial, the continuation of technology and science only enhances other countries efforts to progress. This further creates a shrunken world wherein face-to-face communication and hand-to-hand combat are becoming a thing of the

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