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  • Argumentative Essay On Anthrax

    Anthrax is thought to be an ancient illness. While there is no way to be completely sure, as it was not referred to as anthrax at the time, many scholars date anthrax all the way back to 700 BC during the periods of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia (CDC, 2016). According to the CDC, “Many scholars think that in Moses’ time, during the 10 plagues of Egypt, anthrax may have caused what was known as the fifth plague, described as a sickness affecting horses, cattle, sheep, camels and oxen” (CDC, 2016). In addition to this, many scholars believe that anthrax was described by Homer in The Iliad and some even suggest that anthrax contributed to the fall of Rome (CDC, 2016). Fast-forward many years, and the first clinical description of anthrax was given by Maret in 1769 (CDC, 2016). This was a leap in…

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  • Anthrax Essay

    If there is one disease that is deadly for both Animals and Humans it would be anthrax. It is an infectious disease of animals and humans. The causation of it is a bacterium called Bacillus anthracis that mostly affects cattle, hogs, sheep, horses, and goats (MedlinePlus, 2016). This disease can be fatal for these sort of animals, and it kills its host by producing a toxin that kills the cells causing fluid to build up in the body’s tissues (Mock, Michele, Fouet, & Agnes, 2001). Adding to its…

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  • Anthrax Research Paper

    Anthrax Outbreak Out of all of the diseases, anthrax seems to have the most potential for a massive outbreak. In its respiratory form, anthrax could easily be spread globally. It’s high mortality rate and typically short incubation period would allow casualties to increase quickly. The most effective way to create an outbreak of anthrax would be through direct acts of bioterrorism. As anthrax is not communicated person-to-person the spores would have to be continually introduced into the…

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  • False Flag Attacks

    and without an attorney. Also allowed by this act the ability for the cia to spy on american citizens (Ten Big). However sentors Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy were holding up the passing og the patriot act because they realized it would suspend the right of habeas corpus. Lucky for the bush administration these senators got a letters filled with anthrax which killed both of them. These letters were supposably written by Al Qaeda members but there are some major problems with that claim. For…

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  • Effects Of Bioterrorism

    die, economies can be severely damaged, and the environment can be ruined. In addition, bioterrorist attacks have happened before within the United States of America, and one of the best examples is the anthrax attack of 2001. There is also the issue of how unlikely a bioterrorist attack is due to varying factors that generally have to do with the terrorist himself. In any case, if a bioterrorist attack were to occur in the United States, the environmental…

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  • Bioterrorism Research Paper

    Anthrax, smallpox and plague potential bioterrorism agents and are caused by microbial pathogens. Bioterrorism is the deliberate release of viruses, bacteria, or other germs (agents) used to cause illness or death in people, animals, or plants. These agents are typically found in nature, but it is possible that they could be changed to increase their ability to cause disease, make them resistant to current medicines, or to increase their ability to be spread into the environment. These…

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  • The Anthrax Plot

    Biological Warfare: The Anthrax Plot Besides terrorism, biological warfare is a serious threat to America. Biological agents used as weapons significantly affect a nation’s economy, social and political standing. Anthrax is one of the most common biological agents used as a weapon by terrorist groups and on the American population. In this paper, I summarize the article “Organizational Versus Individual Attribution: A Case Study of Jemaah Islamiyah and the Anthrax Plot”. Additionally, I…

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  • Bacillus Cereus Lab Report Answers

    a green stained endospore (Wilkosz, Peterson), but I must have over rinsed with water because the cells appeared clear with an outline, and the spores that were seen appeared as black dots. c. The first test performed was the gram stain, the purple color indicated that it was gram positive, this removes all gram negative possibilities including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumonaie, and Proteus vulgaris. Since I also observed that the bacteria were rod shaped, it excluded the cocci…

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  • Inhalation Anthrax Case Study

    precautions need to be taken in caring for J.B., who was exposed to inhalation anthrax? With no record of transmission via person to person, there are not special precautions that need to be taken, thus standard isolation precautions are used for patients with anthrax. Those in the household of persons exposed do not need prophylaxis unless they too have been exposed (Fowler & Shafazand, 2011, Antibiotic Therapies section, para. 2). 2. What clinical manifestations should you assess for in J.B.?…

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  • Anthrax Isolation Case

    Anthrax isolated case Anthrax is caused by the bacterial spore Bacillus anthracis. Bacillus anthracis’s characteristic spore allows it to live dormant for many years without desiccation before becoming active when exposed to water. It occurs naturally and can be found on vegetation and in many products made form animals. One method of contracting anthrax is inhalation. This has been known as a prevalent pathology of the disease among infected wool workers and hide tanners. It has also been…

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