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  • Something In Alice In Wonderland Analysis

    associations of dreams using psychoanalytic theory and methodology on film and dream rhetoric. Exploring paradoxical combinations, thought to be “subversive of rational bourgeoisie civilisation” (Williams, 1981, pg.11), the European avant-garde art form Dadaism acted as a rejection of capitalist societies. It embraced chaos and irrationality, questioning conservative art and reacting to modernity in four key ways: collage, photomontage, assemblage and ready-mades. The question of both metaphor, drawing a similarity between two things, and metonymy, drawing a contiguity between two things, within the avant-garde and the surrealist subdivision affects a person’s perception of reality, be it their own, the fabricated diegesis presented to them by a director, or quite often both. Giorgio de Chirico, the Italian artist whose work was said to influence the Surrealist movement, stated that: “Although the dream is a very strange phenomenon and an inexplicable mystery, far more inexplicable is the mystery and aspect our minds confer on certain objects and aspects of life. Psychologically speaking, to discover something mysterious in objects is a symptom of cerebral abnormality related to certain kinds of insanity… such abnormal moments can be found in everyone. Art is the fatal net which catches these strange moments on the wing like mysterious butterflies, fleeing the innocence and distraction of common men.” (Chipp, Selz and Taylor, 1968, pp.448 cited de Chirico 1919) The 1988…

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  • House Of Nest Literary Analysis

    When Andres Breton first used the word surrealism, he claimed ownership of the word, attributing it to the movement and claiming it was independent from any prior associations. From that point in time in 1924, surrealism thinking has come far in terms of the depth of interpretation through a variety of works that have been published ever since. This progress is best exemplified with Breton’s original manifesto and Anais Nin’s more recent novel, House of Incest, where there is a similarity in…

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  • Nihilism Of Dada And Leonard Aldea And Phillip Prager

    Dadaism is an art movement that is met with many different points of view. Some art historians look at it with contempt, others generalize it as a movement solely about nihilism and a post-war reaction. It is possible that art historians by and large have missed the whole point of the Dada movement, and do not take it as a valid art movement. Leonard Aldea and Phillip Prager both believe that Dada artists are largely misunderstood and that art historians have done an injustice in their…

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  • Anti-Modernism And Postmodern Art

    1860’s and ended in the 1970’s that sought to view art thru fresh eyes. Modern art focused on actual items in nature but sought to abstract it. Post-Modernism is almost the anti-modernism. It went to go against anything modernism stood for. Asking more questions than it answered postmodern artists sought to simplify and recreate past styles and converge low and high art into one. In this essay I will discuss what exactly makes an artist post modern or modern. After much research one can conclude…

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  • Essay On Dada

    Dada was an anti-art movement that began in Zürich, Switzerland in the early 20th century in 1916 (Young). The term anti-art refers to a rebellion against the war and destruction that had happened years before. It started as a response to World War I and the nationalism that it is believed led to the war (Elza Adamowicz). It was influenced by other avant-garde movements such as Expressionism, Cubism and Futurism (Craft). The name Dada is known to have been selected at random from a dictionary,…

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  • Instrument Destruction

    sonic outcomes of Instrument Destruction, particularly in relation to performance art. whilst exploring ethics and danger involved in destroying instruments. This research will be undertaken with Annea Lockwood’s Piano Transplants’ series firmly in mind, and reference will be made to both scores and performances of these works. This paper also represents a unique opportunity to raise awareness on important works in experimental music, contributing new perspectives and ideas to the field.…

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  • Fountain By Marcel Duchamp Analysis

    Not Just a Waste Fountain, a porcelain urinal created in 1917, signed R. Mutt, was “made” by Marcel Duchamp (Howarth). The piece was aimed at the general public. Duchamp wanted to outrage the people and force them to question what art really was (Lewer 184). Even with these harsh circumstances, Duchamp still managed to become extremely important and influential to other Dada artists. Duchamp was one of the most famous Dada artists during his time and he coined the term “ready-made” which is…

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  • Electronic Arts V. (California Anti-SLAPP)

    The case raised in the above is mainly due to the use by Electronic Arts an impression that included Keller and other student-affiliated characters in their designing of the video game. This implies that the company may have infringed on the rights of these athletes protection from unwarranted publicity. This is what the Keller and the Arizona State University on the use of its content in designing the game. On the other hand, the company ran to the First Amendment in asking that the claim be…

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  • El Anatsui Artist Analysis

    Artist as individuals have the ability to create exciting things using everyday objects. Marcel Duchamp a French member of the dada movement, Rosalie Gascoigne a contemporary Australian (died in1999), El Anatsui a contemporary West African, and Fiona Hall a contemporary Australian, they are all artists who work with mundane materials to create phenomenal pieces of work. Artist create their works within the agencies of the world, their audience and artworks through their practice.We can interpret…

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  • Dada Dove Analysis

    Determining What Comprises Art Art is commonly considered a beautiful painting or sculpture in a gallery for public view. However, not all art fit into the perfect mold of what we imagine. Marcel Duchamp used a urinal to create his artwork "Fountain, with the words "R. Mutt 1917" inscribed (Jacobus and Martin 372). Is Duchamp’s "Fountain" any less art than da Vinci 's "Mona Lisa"? Investigating the composition of art and looking at alternative arts may aid in understanding. To be considered…

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