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  • The Skin: The Physiology Of Skin

    What protects a human being from external danger? A car 's seat belt? A helmet? Or our very own organ known as the skin? The skin is one of the most amazing organs in the human body. Skin is made up of specific cells and tissues to act as the boundary between you, me and the world. However, there are some factors that we have to pay attention to regarding our skins. The physiology of Skin will give an in dept explanation and description of its structure, functions, and diseases. The skin is the largest organ in the integumentary system with an area estimation of 20 square feet. It forms a barrier that prevents harmful microorganism and chemicals from entering the body. Other important functions are insulation, temperature regulation, sensory…

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  • Scar On The Skin

    Scars on the skin form when the skin works to heal a wound or injury. When the infection in an acne pustule, papule or cyst spreads into the deeper layers of skin, a scar will most likes be the result. If the acne, wound or injury is superficial, the skin can heal it without scarring. Acne develops when a hair follicle or pore on the skin becomes clogged with the skin’s natural oil and dead skin cells. The bacterium that is usually on your skin combines with the oil and dead skin and an…

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  • The Biological Process Of Skin Healing And Skin Homeostasis

    the basal layer of epidermis is responsible to maintain skin homeostasis. When cutaneous injuries occur, skin homeostasis and integrity is damaged, leading to fatal traumatizing under severe conditions. Skin wound healing is an intrinsic self-saving chain-reaction, which is crucial in facilitating the replacement of damaged or lost tissue. Immense amounts of research have uncovered the mechanisms underlying this complex and highly regulated process. It is commonly agreed that wound healing is…

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  • Aging Skin Care

    hormone generation throughout the years of teen age skin starts to undergo a rapid change. Hence proper care should be taken as a preventive measure for anti aging. During the hormonal change skin tends to secrete excess oil on account of sebaceous glands. Acne problems might vary and it might be either severe or mild. Reliable anti aging skin care treatments will prove to be of great help mainly to women. Provide them with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as this will help maintain the…

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  • Importance Of Care Of Skin

    your body, your skin works really hard to protect you against germs, pollution and extreme temperatures. It keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers. Your skin is also the first to show indications of an underlying problem in your body and the signs include dryness, oiliness, eczema, sores, moles, bruises, etc. And these are a few of the reasons why you should take care of your skin. Skin care is not just about using expensive skin care products. It entails choosing the products based on…

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  • Harmless Skin Cancer

    Description: Most skin growths are not cancerous, but they should all be closely watched, so that you are aware of changes that could be signs of cancer developing. How Do I Know If My Skin Growths Are Cancer? How Do I Tell the Difference Between Harmless and Harmful Skin Growths? Inset: Moles can darken harmlessly during puberty and pregnancy. Inset: Keloids are excessive scar tissue growths over healed wounds. Captions: Layers of skin A normal wart Seborrheic Keratosis Skin tags Cherry…

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  • Skin: The Integumentary System

    When trying to achieve glowing skin sometimes its easy to forget that what is happening on the inside is much more important that what you are rubbing on the outside. The Integumentary system, consisting of your skin, hair and nails is an organ; in fact, it’s your body’s largest organ and it’s main function is to act as a physical, chemical and antimicrobial barrier. The condition of your skin can say a lot about your health and common skin conditions can actually be a sign that your gut isn’t…

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  • Barrier Of Skin Essay

    2.1 Barrier of skin One of the major functions of healthy skin is the maintenance of a physical barrier against the external environment. This barrier is to prevents the absorption of noxious substances and the entry of pathogens, as well as preventing excessive fluid loss from the body. This is the role of the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis, and in particular the stratum corneum. The epidermis is situated above the dermis and is composed of several discrete layers of cells…

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  • Skin Tears Summary

    Article Summary of a Clinical Review Introduction In this article, Baranoski, LeBlanc, and Gloeckner (2016) bring attention to the topic of skin tears and the complications that can arise from them. The authors point out that while skin tears are common, they are often poorly treated and the result can be increased complications, hospital stays, and other negative effects. To highlight this issue, Baranoski et al. (2016) discusses complications from a skin tear on an elderly patient that was…

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  • Are You A Skin Care Beginners?

    Are you a skin care beginner? Your complete guide with effective ways to take care of your skin If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the information about the skincare and a vast array of products available in the market, this article is for you. There is nothing better than realizing the importance and benefits of starting skin care at an early stage. Generally, we feel like early 20’s is too young to worry about the skin care. However, the truth is that this is the best stage to start…

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