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  • Personal Narrative: My Great Grandma Leonarda

    play much, at that time kids had to work in the corn fields in order to provide money for food and shealter. But when she was able to have some free time, she loved to play hide and go seek and run to one to another to see who could run the fastest with her siblings near the fields. My Nana (as I like to call her) didn’t have enough money to buy brand new toys, but her mother was an amazing seamstress and she was able to make a doll out of old garments. My Nana loved that doll, she would take it with her everywhere she went to, she would even hid it under her dress while she worked. That doll stayed with her even after she got married, unfortunately while she was washing her clothes, it fell down the river and she never saw it again. My Nana worked so much, she wasn’t able to go to school, so she never learned how to read or write. Therefore she didn’t have a favorite book, what she did have were stories told by her mother. She said her favorite one was about a little girl who dreamed of flying. It went like this, “While a she worked every day and night she would look up at the sky and wish to god that she could go up in the sky and fly just like the birds, to not be worried about anything and just let every…

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  • Vault Tech Narrative

    how long we were going to be out. She handed me fifty dollars for whatever we needed, but my dad on the other hand, just sat on his chair drinking away his life while he tried to find a new job on the newspaper ads. Mom shook her head and said, “be careful.” to us, kissing us on the head. My brother and I said our goodbyes to our parents before we were off. For some odd reason, mom looked more nervous about us leaving than usual. I still think it is because she lost another…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Camping With Wolves

    Camping with Wolves My most memorable camping trip Growing up my family went camping a lot. My parents wanted to make sure my brother and I grew up appreciating the outdoors. Of all of the campouts I’ve been on, my favorite was our trip to Mission: Wolf. Mission Wolf, is a wolf sanctuary located in the mountains of southern Colorado. We left our house very early in the morning on a Friday. It was still dark out and the moon and stars were twinkling in the blackness. As we drove, the sky to the…

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  • Who Is My Most Influential Person?

    and charismatic behavior I was able to stand up and continue through my stress and anxiety, which felt like the weight of the sky on my shoulders. I commend my mother for remaining strong and making her family her first priority. As I was growing up I learned to be independent from my mother. She has always taught me that if I wanted something or needed something done that I had to do it for myself. I really look up to my mother for everything she has done to provide for her family, even during…

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  • Ordinary Lawn Research Paper

    of the library glasses, the uneven herbage brushes and kissed my ankle. Standing in front of the huge glasses, every detailed part inside the library is shown clearly as if the glasses do not exist. The ceiling of the library is also made of glasses. It allows sunbeams permeate and brighten the entire library. Countless books are divided tidily into different sections in terms of their categories. Copious new books are placed on the antique dusty shelves, engendering a sense of incongruity. Not…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Daughter To The Sky

    Daughter to the Sky A non-fiction essay as lived by Cinnamon Spear I was born a daughter to the sky. Vast expanses overhead have become my breath. My family and I would sit amongst prairie hills studded with pine trees, consuming countless sunsets. You could see for miles and miles. The sky would flow from a crisp blue to a subtler shade of purple. Passionate pinks and oranges would come just out of that finally resting upon a vibrant yellow source. I caught myself thinking once, “This…

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  • Creative Writing: Two Sided Coin

    lingering sounds of her footsteps are absorbed by the darkness outside. Life is so harsh on me, leaving me in my loneliness. The way it closes me out from her and turns its back on my pleas. My useless cries fall onto the deaf ears of life. I had her for a time. Her beautiful face appeared for a flash only to once again dissolve. (a bit clunky) In my desperation something caught my eye. The winking grin of the flask stared at me, begging to be drunk. Resistance is futile. It is my final…

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  • Avalanche Lake Photograph Analysis

    Everywhere look today, there is garbage on the ground trees cut down, and polluted water and skies. This is not a new sight for anyone by any means, whether you live in a big city or a small town, you see garbage everywhere. Even as the months change it seems as if the garbage follows. Day by day more is added on top of the existing trash, it covers the ground, and clouds up, and ruins our water and skies. Humans are to blame for the excessive amounts of debris in our world, but, in some places…

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  • Emily Carr Beloved As The Sky Analysis

    I first saw Emily Carr’s paintings in a book of great Canadian artists within the library of my Ontario public school. In this book was the painting created in 1935 called Scorned as Timber, Beloved as the Sky. This painting depicts a tall tree rejected as being too spindly for good lumber that is left standing in clearcut forest against the feathered shimmering sky. The painting had a unusually quality that depicts a place that was impossible to go, yet to surrounds Canadian’s everyday the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Jogging In The Park

    canvas of the sky. The pink and orange beams of light merged together, resembling a flawless ripened peach. The luminous face of the blazing celestial fireball…

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