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  • Hofstra Grad Case Study

    and notched three assists, reinvigorating a struggling Sky Blue attack. The Hofstra grad is the second English player to be drafted into the NWSL from the college ranks and the combination of an English pedigree with the fitness and strength that comes with an NCAA athlete has proved lethal this yearfor both Galton and Rachel Daly, the St. John’s product drafted by the Houston Dash. Both players are from Harrogate, a tourist destination north of Leeds. In Harrogate, Galton’s love for the game started early as a shared passion between a young girl and her father. “When I was four, he would take…

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  • Bermuda Triangle Of Sand: A Short Story

    Dawn. The cunning sun is creeping its way through the eerie clouds. Still warming up, it lets the cold sunrays fall onto the damp shore. Picking up the brown sand the swift breeze attacks you. You shelter yourself and let the microscopic granules pass by, and pursue the next destination – the tropical forest right behind you. As if they are vigorously uprooted seaweed, tree branches hopelessly lean in to get closer to the blue lagoon of the wild sea. Holding your breath, your heart is beating in…

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  • The Pearl By John Steinbeck: Poem Analysis

    Driving the double paddle in the sea, you see them clustered into the haze while riding over the oyster bed. Light filters down below where the frilly oysters lay. You grab your two ropes, one tied to a heavy stone and one to a basket. You slip your feet over the side into the water that’s oily smooth, and the rocks carry you to the bottom. The bubbles rise behind you until the water is clear enough for you to see, while moving so cautiously so that the water will not be obscure with mud or…

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  • Personal Narrative-Swim Analysis

    It was a chilly summer day, sunny and calm with a light breeze. The splashing of waves mingled with the laughter of 65 teens. Some jumped into the lake in their swimsuits. Meanwhile, I had forgotten to bring a swimsuit. This was a rite of passage. Every year, SHAD at Lakehead University was officially kick-started with a camping trip that culminated in leaping into a freezing cold lake. For the majority of my life, I hated exploring nature; more specifically, I hated doing things I assumed I…

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  • Vault Tech Narrative

    Some Vault Tech people were going into homes and stores and hospitals, getting anyone who needed to be saved. They even had boats to carry people fast across the water. As I’m driving through the bridge, I see men standing by the edge of it, changing into big white suits, already having gas masks on. What is going on? Suddenly, there’s something gliding through the sky. Damian is looking out the window trying to make out what it is he is seeing. This thing in the sky seems to catch everyone 's…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Camping With Wolves

    Camping with Wolves My most memorable camping trip Growing up my family went camping a lot. My parents wanted to make sure my brother and I grew up appreciating the outdoors. Of all of the campouts I’ve been on, my favorite was our trip to Mission: Wolf. Mission Wolf, is a wolf sanctuary located in the mountains of southern Colorado. We left our house very early in the morning on a Friday. It was still dark out and the moon and stars were twinkling in the blackness. As we drove, the sky to the…

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  • Who Is My Most Influential Person?

    and charismatic behavior I was able to stand up and continue through my stress and anxiety, which felt like the weight of the sky on my shoulders. I commend my mother for remaining strong and making her family her first priority. As I was growing up I learned to be independent from my mother. She has always taught me that if I wanted something or needed something done that I had to do it for myself. I really look up to my mother for everything she has done to provide for her family, even during…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Great Grandma Leonarda

    mother was an amazing seamstress and she was able to make a doll out of old garments. My Nana loved that doll, she would take it with her everywhere she went to, she would even hid it under her dress while she worked. That doll stayed with her even after she got married, unfortunately while she was washing her clothes, it fell down the river and she never saw it again. My Nana worked so much, she wasn’t able to go to school, so she never learned how to read or write. Therefore she didn’t have a…

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  • Sailing With The Sun: Painting Analysis

    This landscape painting of Sailing with the Sun, consists of a blend of yellows, oranges, blues, and blacks. It is a large body of water with the setting sun sitting just above of it. There is a little white sail boat in the water sailing towards the shore. You can see the ripples in the water, showing that the wind is slightly blowing across the top. The dark black mountains in the background give depth to the water and allows you to see how big and deep it actually is. The sky is a reflection…

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  • All Summer In A Day

    Ray Bradbury’s gloomy story, “All Summer in a Day,” has a setting that takes place on Venus where it rains all the time. Margot, just moved from the Earth to Venus got to see a very cool thing that most children on Venus don’t get to see, the Sun. Margot remembers very specific details like the warmth of the Sun and how cool it looked. On Venus, the sun only comes out for an hour once every seven years. The other children in her class are jealous of her. A very important lesson in the story is…

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