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  • Slang Speech

    Because to add a slang in your talk is not the proper way to speak, If you use a slang in a speech some people may not understand what are you saying, just for the simple reason that they do not know the meaning of that word or phrase you will create a communication problem. One of the most common expressions in America is to "Hang out" you can hear all the time " Hey I am going to hang out with my friends" or "Do you want to hang out with me tonight" which means to go out with friends or stay with the person for a while. Most of the people in the United States will understand the meaning of expressions like " I have decide to hang up my teaching job" which means "quit" or I feel good vibes about or new secretary" . Vibes means " to feel good about something or somebody" . But what about the people who came to the Unites States from other countries? These is one of the biggest communication problems for a foreign people. So when native people talk to you with different expressions called "slang" you will have a question mark on your face as you try to figure out the meaning of what the other people said to you. In addition to this I can say that is always difficult to learn a new language, but is most difficult to learn the meaning of the expressions that people use…

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  • Slang Trends

    the development of slang: expressions that people take from standard English (or whatever native language) and completely change the meaning of to signify something completely different! These words and phrases are essentially inevitable to encounter when living in a dynamic social society; it’s easy to assume that the vast majority of Americans have heard such words as “cool” when referring to something as interesting, or the phrase “hanging out” used to mean spending time with one another. A…

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  • Slang In America By Walt Whitman

    This evolution can often be refered to as slang. Slang is often derived from old words with new meanings or completely new words with new meanings. Because of its unstructured nature, many linguists believe that slang is “lazy” English. Walt Whitman, the author of Slang in America, uses a variety of rhetoric devices to prove to the world, especially Americans, that slang is a useful and a necessary development to the English language by using an informative tone. When beginning his writing,…

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  • Social Media And Its Negative Effects On Society

    For instance, if a person writes a college essay filled with informal words like “good” and “you” combined with wrong forms of “your,” employers will automatically establish a dismissive opinion. Not only does this affect a person’s status to someone else, but it also reveals how people in society who write like that all for the sake of convenience and speed are lazy. This epitomizes the notion of people constantly preferring to do what is convenient for them rather than doing what is proper…

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  • Examples Of Sexism And Racist Language

    Such a slang becomes offensive and frequently crosses the line, not to others who may hear it, but also to the groups that are being put down. In now’s workplace there 's no place where racist or sexist language is not inappropriate. The truth is, using such language can be a breach of firm policies and sometimes antidiscrimination laws. Sexist language uses sex as a discriminating variable. Racist language discriminates against members of a specified race or ethnic group. While it may be clear…

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  • Why The N Word Should Be Banned Essay

    word, allowing it to be used more widely, resulting the more harshness of the word and the with mentioning it more will become more controversial. Also popular usage of the word will create an endorsement of negative stereotypes and racial abuse. Those in approval of using the “N” word see it as a form of getting better, turning the meaning of the word on its head and reducing its harms. This dis agreement has been a source of separation and debate amongst the Black community. Responses to the…

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  • Compass Rose Activity Plan

    repeated the phrase back to me, they were all paying attention. Overall, the attention getter stopped the students from distractions and allowed them to get back on topic. After watching the video, I saw that I maintained direct eye contact with the students the entire lesson. My body language was not the best because at one point I had my arms crossed on the desk to see the students work, but I kept my arms there for too long. I believe my body language said that I was engaged, ready to lead,…

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  • Similes In Why Good English Is Good For You

    gibberish to make us think that improper English is for children and therefore something we should have grown out of as we grew older. Yet, people in the south still use the word “y’all” and people who live in the north still use the phrase, “you guys”. In this day and age, these slang terms should be long forgotten from our language. There is only one thing that holds us back from letting them go. It is our heritage and our tradition. It is what makes us the people that we have grown to be.…

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  • The Shifting Meanings Of Our Evolving Modern Language

    that always change. It is not that it will change in a way that it will have new words for new things, and new words coming from other language only. But, even the boring vanilla part of the language is always morphing." Some old words have a different meaning now. In addition, new words came to use and became part of our everyday 's words like (tweeting, googling, selfie and many others) and there will always be new words coming up. In my native language, Arabic, there is the informal language…

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  • How Does Racism Exist

    Outrage Culture is “When people play the victim card and bend over backwards to be as offended as possible when they really aren 't.” (Urban Dictionary) Basically it is a slang term describing when an individual or group displaying a special quality over dramatizes a situation in which that group of quality holders are offended when they really should not be. This term does not necessarily have to pertain to race, for example, on the back of peanut butter jars there are warnings stating that…

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