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  • Personal Narrative: The 2004 Power Slam Dunk Contest

    I remember watching the 2004 Powerade Slam Dunk Contest in my basement like it was yesterday. But before I get too far into this story, let me give you some background on my life up to this point. Now I was only in the first grade when the 2004 Power Slam Dunk Contest occurred, but I do indeed remember watching the contest. At this time in my life, I had already faced some obstacles. I was a shy and unsocial kid and I found out I was color blind. The farm was the only place I wanted to be because I loved the cows. My grandpa was my hero and still is today; my Uncle Brad was my best friend and today serves as my guardian angel. I looked up to the Lamb girls (Katelynn, Kylee, and Elizabeth.) They occasionally babysat me and did more often as…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Basketball Nerd

    took out my basketball and shot some warm up jumpers. But just as I took my third shot I spotted Him and his gang. Right away when I saw them I asked myself “Should I challenge Him, yet?” Eventually I thought “this was the reason why I am here” so I said to him,“I challenge you to a 1 on 1.” And he burst out laughing and he was laughing so hard he looked like he was going to die of laughter. After 3 minutes of non-stop laughing he stopped and confidently exclaimed, “Sure I’m going to beat you…

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  • The Importance Of Playing Basketball

    increased my stamina, durability, and has boosted my self-esteem. Basketball has been by safe haven, I stayed away from drugs and alcohol because it would have jeopardized my career. Basketball has been the best and the worst of me, but playing such a sport has taught me people skills and made me a better team player. It taught me, you will never go anywhere if you don 't share the ball. Why NOT me, I’m a hard worker and as many people say, I can achieve anything I put effort into. A lot of…

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  • Manoj Bhargava's Theory Of Transformational Leadership Analysis

    transformational leadership has four points: clear vision, social architects, created trust, and creative deployment of self. Bhargava had a clear vision for his company-- “We will produce any product that helps the population.” He created social archtects through the department called Stage 2: Invention Shop. Here the employees are to create. Through this department they have created machines that do not bring money in for the company, but they help developing countries like a bicycle that…

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  • Personal Essay: Why Tennis Is The Best Sport

    Playing a sport can be one of the most entertaining pastimes for people. Sports can also get you scholarships in college if you play your cards right. Tennis can be a fun past time for anyone who wants to try a new sport. Tennis is the best sport that I have ever played. Tennis has so many reasons for being such an exhilarating, fun and social sport. These reasons are exercising, creating friends, playing on a marvelous and warm day, being competitive while having fun, and being able to play…

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  • Origin Of Tennis

    Her career has spanned two and a half decades and she first gained the number one ranking in the world in 2002 and later regained the same ranking on six other occasions. She holds more than thirty-two major titles. Of these titles, seventeen are in singles tournaments, thirteen are in women’s doubles tournaments and two are in mixed doubles tournaments. In 2002-2003, she was victorious over all the four coveted Grand Slam tournaments, a rare and exceptional feat which as later tagged by the…

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  • David Sandoval Analysis

    Once David once ten his mom took him out of soccer because she saw that people where David played were too rough. So she got David to start playing tennis again. His coaches were Poncho Ochoa and Yolanda Ramirez. Yolanda was the best female player that has ever come out of Mexico and she won two grand slams in doubles and mixed doubles and also made several finals in doubles and singles. She also won several high level tournaments and had wins against the famous Billie Jean King. Within one…

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  • Prepositions: Peter Is Playing Tennis

    Prepositions Text Type 1. Peter is playing tennis .............(at/on) Sunday. 2. My brother's birthday is ............(in/on) the 5th of November. 3. My birthday is ..............(on/in) May. 4. We are going to see my parents ...............(in/on) the weekend. 5. ............(at/in) 1666, a great fire broke out in London. 6. I don't like walking alone .........(at/in) the streets ..........(in/at) night. 7. What are you doing ..........(on/in) the afternoon? 8. My friend has been living…

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  • How To Play Tennis

    All it took for my friends to lure me into tennis was to suggest that I join the team with them sophomore year. At first it started out as something to do with my friends, but soon became a hobby and passion of mine as I learned more about the game. Tennis is a sport that involves two players hitting a ball back and forth across a net to each other using a racquet. It may sound simple, but decades have passed since the game was created and has given people time to turn the game into a highly…

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  • Reflection Paper On Soft Tennis

    Game, Set, Match! In a blink of an eye, my partner and I won our very first game in soft tennis. For the last point, I was able to score an ace. An ace is a winning serve that the server’s opponents never touches the ball with their racket. Therefore, the server earns a point, while the opponent loses it. This last point was crucial because it led us to victory. The excitement that I felt on that day is palpable. Ending the match with such a great impact is really memorable and a thrilling…

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