David Sandoval Analysis

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Anthropology Paper

Introduction When I started playing tennis 7 years ago, I met David Sandoval who was one of the coaches that worked the junior development at Tennis West. He later became my personal coach and made me the player I am today. He has an extensive Tennis background and has been playing since the age of 8. I interviewed him where he explained his rituals that he does before and during matches. Some of those rituals he passed on to me but I also made some of my own. During the interview he also explained how and why he started playing. He told me about how he became a better player and about the people that influenced him. On the last part I analyzed his rituals and his taboos. Some were religious while some were more personal to him. A lot of
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Once David once ten his mom took him out of soccer because she saw that people where David played were too rough. So she got David to start playing tennis again. His coaches were Poncho Ochoa and Yolanda Ramirez. Yolanda was the best female player that has ever come out of Mexico and she won two grand slams in doubles and mixed doubles and also made several finals in doubles and singles. She also won several high level tournaments and had wins against the famous Billie Jean King. Within one year David played his first tournament and got to the semi-final but lost to a kid who was better than him. He started to play every tournament that he could in Juarez and even started to win a few. He later went to play in El Paso in which his very first tournament that he played in was at Tennis west. He told me that he won that tournament. Later on David played for the varsity team at Cathedral in El Paso. From his freshman year to his senior year he went to state and won during his junior and senior year. He also got the title of most valuable player in those two

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