The Importance Of High School Tennis Team

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Tires crunched on the loose gravel parking lot as I was dropped off at my high school’s tennis courts on the first day of school. With my high school requiring a year of physical education, I opted to take the lifetime sport for I was nervous to compete for a spot on the highly competitive teams my school was known for. I was met at the court by 30 other freshmen with a mixed variety of expertise spanning from the first time to ever hold a racquet to a district ranked player. The district ranked player’s father, Mr. Weaver, was a sophomore chemistry teacher who happened to play tennis professionally in his heyday. Mr. Weaver volunteered to teach the freshman tennis team and to train them the basics before they were transferred to “the real Brazoswood tennis coach.” With countless ball machine drills, baseline sprints, volley target drills, suicide runs and mile times I began to see discipline and improvement throughout the whole team. At the end of the freshman year, everyone played a round-robin event and the top four boys and top …show more content…
All the complications surrounding Brazoswood high school’s tennis team revolve around Coach T. The change be started by simply hiring an assistant coach who is young and can enhance the students and team. An assistant would not necessarily take over the head coach position but will be someone who can run physical drills and exercises the current coach cannot. Due to the current coach’s health and age, she will likely be leaving in a short amount of time so having someone become acclimated to coaching Brazoswood would be beneficial in the long term. This solution would not only allow Coach T. to still feel involved with the team but correct areas she does not excel at. Improvement in the team comes with more people inclined to join and be associated with Brazoswood tennis. This increase of students brings more parents who can invest money into the tennis club as well as the

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